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8th Anniversary of Radio FM 96.6 at LCWU

Lahore:“FM 96.6 Voice of LCWU is promoting healthy culture of education, information and entertainment” said the speakers at the 8th Anniversary of the campus radio FM 96.6 of Mass Communicationdepartment of Lahore College for Women University,here on Wednesday 5th March 2017.

The Campus radio has been successfully working for the past eight years under the slogan “Voice of LCWU”, facilitating the students of LCWU to the platform of Radio FM. The anniversary celebrations are accompanied by varies competitions held by the Department of Mass Communication, Radio FM 96.6.

The event started off with the name of Allah Almighty and the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

The welcome note was given by Chairperson Department of Mass Communication, Dr. Anjum Zia. Sharing her memories, struggles and success stories of building this radio station said, “This radio station is not only for the students of mass communication but the whole university students. And we are going to extend our services to the affiliated colleges and the jhangcamous so that we can empower maximum women students.”

Prof.Dr. RukhsanaKausar Vice Chancellor, LCWU, appreciated the works and said, “Our radio station is promoting healthy culture of education, information and entertainment.”Prof. Dr. Badar, the guest of honor, Chairman department of Mass Communication Jamshoro University gave a hearty congratulations on the anniversary and appreciated the works and also encouraged for more such projects.

Adil Aziz and Umar Nazir, the Producers at the FM radio 96.6, shared their experiences and the success stories of the students which have made their professional bases from this radio station.

The guest speakers, GulzarUsmani, ex program controller of radio Pakistan, appreciated the success of FM 96.6 and as he was a part of the establishing team and one of the pioneers of this Radio Station, was very proud of the works and was positive that it will keep progressing like this.

Mustafa Kamal, program manager Radio Pakistan, congratulated the VC and the chairperson for the success of this radio station.
Along with this there were performances presented by the students of Lahore College along with a video presentation on the journey of FM 96.6. Singing Competition, photography competition, cultural show, handmade cards and poster competitionwere held which were organized and carried out successfully by the Radio team.The winners of different competitions, held by the Radio FM 96.6, were appreciated and given certificates of appreciation.