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Sports and Cultural Day

March 29, 2017 (Wednesday)

Objective of the event    
•    To get the staff and faculty members of LCWU acquainted with:

•    Participation in extracurricular activities

•    Appreciating cultural differences and diversity and inclusiveness

•    Health tips and counselling with a gynecologist

•    Health tips and counselling with a nutritionist


The Department of Professional Studies organized a Sports and Cultural Day. The event began with the commencement of the cultural event. Students from the department dressed up in different costumes representing the various provinces of Pakistan. They also dressed up as people representative of different religious backgrounds, eg. Western bride and groom. They showcased their different costumes and ethnic backgrounds. There was a “Qawalli” presented by some students. Some students and faculty members sang cultural and national songs as well. After that Ms Shagufta Moghal held a short discussion highlighting the beauty and importance of diversity, and emphasized the need for tolerance and mutual respect. This was followed by a short talk by Mr Mudaser Ali who is a nutritionist and fitness coach and “Fitness Pro” Omar Hospital, followed by a brief talk by Dr. Durria Iram, a gynecologist. The guests were then seated at separate points, where they gave individual consultation to students and faculty of the university for about an hour. The activities started at 9 and continued till 1 pm.

In the meantime, sports day races and activities were simultaneously carried out at the hockey ground. Students from IOE and Lab School also participated in the races.

The students got an opportunity to relax, and enjoy by participating in a variety of activities.

The students were very happy and excited to have an opportunity to relax, and felt they felt less stressed out. Since the mid-term exams are just a fortnight later, they felt this was a wonderful diversion. Some participants felt that there could have been a global village set up to represent world cultures. They were happy that there was an opportunity for students to participate at different levels, dress up, sing, sports activity etc. The senior students who helped organize the show felt empowered and confident over their skills. The junior faculty also displayed great initiative and creativity in their management of the event. It provided an opportunity for leadership and empowerment. Everyone appreciated the event, and many opined that it should be a more regular feature.