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PhD degree awarded to Ms. Nadia Sharif, Biotechnology Department, LCWU

The Department of Biotechnology conducted its first PhD Defence Seminar on April 13th, 2017. The candidate, Ms. Nadia Sharif successfully completed her PhD under the supervision of Dr. Neelma Munir and Co Supervision of Dr. Faiza Saleem. The title of her thesis was “Optimization of conditions for biodiesel Fabrication from algae”.  Prof. Dr. Faheem Aftab, from University of the Punjab was the external examiner. He appreciated the work done by the candidate as well as the publications from her PhD work in international Impact Factor Journals which also reflect the good quality of work. Prof. Dr. Shagufta Naz, Chairperson , Department of Biotechnology, LCWU on this occasion told the audience that the department has initiated its PhD Program in Year 2011 and Ms. Nadia Sharif has submitted her thesis after 4 and a half years and she has 12 publications on her credit. One patent has also been filed from her research achievements. She congratulated the candidate and her PhD Supervisors for completion of first PhD of the Department of Biotechnology.