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 Program Mental Health Week 2018

Day-I 10th April 201

Inaugural State of the Art Lecture, Mental Health Walk
Venue: Student Service Centre

Guest to be seated:                         9:00am
Arrival of the Chief Guest, Honorable Vice Chancellor, Professor.DrUzmaQureshi:   9:30am
Opening Ceremony:                     10:00am
Recitation of Holy Quran:             10:10am
Recitation of Naat:10:20am
Welcome address by Chairperson Professor TalatSohail:               10:30 am
Address by Chief speaker: 10:40 am
State of the Art lecture by Professor Dr. Ruhi Khalid:  11:00am-12:00pm
Vote of thanks by Dr.AminaMuazzam:  12:10pm
Distribution of Shields:12:20-12:40pm
Tea for Guests:12:40-1:00pm
Mental Health Walk (from Ganga Ram Building to Main Gate):1:30-2:00pm

Day-II 11thApril 2018

Inter Universities Quiz Competition and Seminar
Venue: Student Service Centre

Guests to be seated:9:00am
Recitation of Holy Quran:9:30 am
Welcome address/opening ceremony of Day-II by Professor TalatSohail:9:45am
Address by Guest Speaker Dr. Farah Malik:11:30am-12:30pm
Vote of thanks by Ms. Mariam Gul:12:30pm
Shield distribution:12:45pm

Day III  12th April 2018

Talks on Peace and Positive Psychology &Inter Universities Poster Competition
Venue: Student Service Centre

Inter Universities Poster Exhibition:9:00 am
Round of Exhibition by judges:9:30-10:00am
Guests to be seated:10:00am
Recitation of Holy Quran:10:10 am
Welcome address by Professor TalatSohail:10:15am
Seminar on Peace Psychology by Professor Dr. UrusaFahim:10:30am-11:00am
Seminar on Positive Psychology by Dr. SyedaShahidaBatool:11:00am-11:30am
Announcement of results by judges:11:30am-11:45 am
Distribution of shields:11:45am-12:30pm
Tea for guests:12:30-1:00pm

Please find the attachments: LCWU Menatl health week April 18