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Seminar on Online Harassment

A seminar on Online Harassment was organized by the students of Social Work Department, Lahore College for Women University in collaboration with Search for Justice Foundation, on January 18th, 2017.

Mr. Iftekhar Mubarak, Chairperson, Search for Justice Foundation, Ms. Huda Jilani, Project Assistant Digital Rights Foundation, Mr. Syed Shahid Hassan, Project Director National Response Centre for Crime FIA Pakistan, were present as speakers on this occasion. The event was attended by the large number of students along with the faculty and representatives from civil society.

Mr. Iftekhar Mubarak gave opening remarks and briefed audience about online harassment. He also discussed various types of digital exploitation of users by stating local case studies.

Ms. Huda Jilani explained the importance of digital privacy, users’ unconscious negligence and methods of digital harassment. Mr. Syed Shahid Hassan discussed governmental initiatives to address cybercrimes and specifically online harassment. He also explained the procedure of reporting cybercrime specially for females.

Mrs. Iram Shahid, Head of Social Work Department, LCWU She described significance of cyber privacy specially in gender perspective.With concluding remarks she alsothanked to all the guest speakers and students for their response and participation.