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Seminar on Role of Students against Narcotics Use

A seminar on Role of Students against Narcotics Use was organized by the students of Social Work Department, Lahore College for Women University in collaboration with Safe Child Foundation, on January 27th, 2017.

Mr. Anjum Shahzad, founder of Safe Child Foundation, Mr. Khalid Mehmood, General Secretary of Safe Child Foundation, Ms. Amna Munir Clinical Psychologist were present as speakers on this occasion. The event was attended by the large number of students along with the faculty and representatives from civil society.

Mr. Kahlid Mehmood gave opening remarks describing prevalence of drug uses and its contributing factorsamong youth. He also discussed role of NGOs in Pakistan.

Mr. Anjum Shahzad discussed types of narcotics and significance of religious orientations inn reducing ratios of drug usage. He also discussed role of students in addressing this social evil. He further explained the ratios and factors of drug use specifically in female population of Pakistan.

Ms. Amna Munir discussed prevalence of narcotics use on educational campuses.  By stating the psychological factors and physio-psycho effects, she also explained preventive measures of narcotics use.

After question and answer session, Mrs. Iram Shahid, Head of Social Work Department, LCWU discussed role of social workers in narcotics use prevention. Thanking all speakers and students, she concluded the session.