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Raising Awareness to end Gender Based Violence (International Women’s Day)

Date: March 17, 2017
Venue: F 32, LCWU, Lahore

Purpose: The participants were first be given a simple quiz, Q/A session on simple gender terms, roles and elicit their views on gender stereotypes. In particular they were asked what they conceive to as gender based violence and its facets. They then viewed a Mime on “Violence against Women”. Women empowerment addresses the need to improve the social, economic, political, educational, equal gender rights and spiritual strength of the women all over the world. The students were introduced to this through the mime on women empowerment showing dignity to the external and internal possessions of females and how they can emerge on the face of the world with no fear and self confidence.

Outcome: It is expected that that students will realize that the modern society needs to bring sociological empowerment among women to address the social and gender discrimination processes in the society. Women empowerment may solve lots of social issues as well as bring growth and development of the nation on right track.