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Raising Awareness to end Gender Based Violence (International Day of Social Work)

Date: March 21, 2017
Venue: Bio Tech Conference Room, LCWU, Lahore

Purpose: The participants were first given a simple quiz, on their views of social work. They were asked as to what they perceive as gender based violence and its facets. The guest speaker, Dr Bushra Hameedur Rahman then highlighted the background and significance of International Day of Social Work. Participants were then introduced the concepts of care, which was linked with self, family, community and environment. The role of women as a vital element of society was emphasized. The talk focused on the responsibility of each individual, and their conscious will and effort to improve their surroundings. It is not necessary to carry out a movement, or work in an NGO to make a change. She linked social work with personal development, elucidated how we can contribute effectively to the community and society, even in our own personal capacity. In the end a national song “Main bhi Pakistan hoon” was played to emphasize unity and nationhood.  

Outcome: It is expected that by being introduced to the concept of personal development and women empowerment in our social context so that the young girls learn to manage themselves personally and socially. The participants were responsive to the presentation, and many of them voiced that they have a direction and vision to follow in their future.
They also agreed that women need to be aware of their rights and role in the making of a society.