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Gender Sensitization Workshops with Non-Teaching Staff

7th April 2017: Department of Professional Studies –IOE conducted five Gender Sensitization Workshops with Non-Teaching staff, LCWU, Lahore with the following aims:

Raising awareness towards gender sensitivity and related terms

Changing stereotypical behaviour

Instilling empathy into the views that we hold about our own and the other sex.

Treating our fellow humans with greater consideration and compassion.  

Take steps to end gender discrimination, harassment and violence, particularly against women

The four hour workshops revolved around two main sessions, “Gender Sensitization and Awareness”, followed by “Gender Based Violence and its Prevention”. The participants were asked to relate various incidents from their own experience. The sessions were interactive, based on video based discussions, role play, and activities to create relevance and empathy. They were also introduced to some Pro Women laws.

The workshops were well attended by an assortment of participants ranging from attendants, naib qasids, lady security guards, lab attendants, clerks, gardeners, sanitary workers, cleaners etc.

Many of the participants commented that such issues should be raised more regularly and at a larger platform. One participant commented that he himself was uneducated but his daughter was doing M.Phil. They agreed to respect women, and not harass them. They also agreed that they should help women in their house chores. All of them felt that the workshop was beneficial and helped them focus on their stance towards the issues discussed.

The participants appreciated the workshop, the attitude of the trainers and the contents of the workshop.