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PEP Chat and Recruitment Drive by PepsiCo

April 30, 2018: For the first time ever, PepsiCo came to LCWU for PEP Chat and to carry out Recruitment Drive for their summer internship program. Ms. Sanam Sheikh - Key Accounts and Trading Manager at PepsiCo talked to students about importance of emotional intelligence at workplace. Whereas, Ms. Maha Khizer - Talent Acquisition Lead shared key information regarding the Internship Program 2018 and later on conducted an aptitude test of the potential candidates. About 130 students from the department of Management Sciences, Public Administration and Electrical Engineering appeared for the test. In the end, Ms Rida Sohail, Manager CCJP thanked the PepsiCo team for conducting the drive at LCWU and for encouraging students to be a part of their team.


Social Internship Drive by the Citizen Foundation (TCF)


The CCJP office hosted another recruitment drive on May 4, 2018 carried by the Citizen Foundation. For that matter, representatives from the Citizen Foundation, Ms. Sumayya Malik and Mr. Muhammad Imran visited LCWU to carry out the Social Internship Drive. They briefed students about the Alumni Development Internship Program, summer camp and about TCF in general. They signed up students for Alumni Development Program to be held from June 25 - July 31, 2018. About 54 students from the department of Gender Studies, Social Work and Business Administration registered themselves for the Alumni Development Program.

Information Session on Job Opportunities at dgs World

April 3, 2018: The CCJP office arranged an information session on various job opportunities at dgs World - a TRG company. dgs World is a provider of outsourced online customer acquisition solutions principally to large, consumer facing organizations and to clients offering products or services to business users in the United States. A business seeking to attract customers online can do so by procuring advertising from search engines and other providers, directing consumer attention to a website or a sales centre and then selling interested consumers its products or services.
For that matter, Mr. Wayne Braganza (Marketing and Brand Manager - Recruitment) and Mr. Ahsan Saeed from dgs World gave an orientation about company's profile, its culture, salary structure and vacant positions in the company. Currently, they were looking for candidates for their Call Centre division having excellent communications skills. In order for candidates to make their way to other departments of dgs like IT, HR, Marketing, they have to work at least a year in their call centre division.

All the queries regarding job security, male female ration in the company and commute issues for females were generously answered.

Recruitment Drive by CureMD

The CCJP office hosted a Recruitment Drive by CureMD on March 2, 2018. For that matter, Mr. Adil Sikandar (HR Manager) and Mr. Talha Majid (Assistant Manager HR) visited the campus to interview B.Com final year students for their recent openings and to give a brief orientation about job description and company profile. Unlike conventional recruitment drives, students were assessed on the basis of their interests, what makes them unique and expressive by asking them to describe themselves in front of the audience and by performing a small activity which they think enjoy doing on a daily basis. Overall it was proved to be a great learning experience for the students. Shortlisted candidates will be called for a formal interview in their head office.

3rd Top Employers Meeting

In line with Lahore College for Women University’s objective of providing economic empowerment to women graduates, the Center for Career Counseling and Job Placement (CCJP) in collaboration with Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC) organized 3rd Top Employers Meeting, held on Tuesday February 27, 2018.
In the Top Employers’ Meeting, CEOs, and HR Heads of various top employers including, Emenac, CSRED, DGS, TEC, Shahkam Industries, Appricot Studios, IBEX Global, The Citizen Foundation and Hi-Tech Lubricants have participated. The meeting was chaired by Prof. Dr. Intesar Ahmad, Dean Faculty of Engineering and Technology and the welcome address was presented by Ms. Rida Sohail, Manager (Acting)-Career Counseling and Job Placement followed by a detailed orientation of LCWU graduate profile by Dr. Aqsa Shabbir, Senior Manager Research Operations – ORIC.

The meeting focused on enhancing industrial linkages, identifying gaps inhibiting employability of women graduates as well as promotion of economic empowerment. This meeting was proved to be a great opportunity for Lahore College for Women University to market and promote its disciplines, achievements of the students and further to enhance corporate relations.


The Centre for Career Counseling and Job Placement hosted a Recruitment Drive by VIVO Pakistan on January 11, 2018. For that matter, Mr. Syed Shah Mohammad - Director HR and Ms. MaleehaKhawar – HR Officer visited the campus to conduct on ground interviews for the positions of Marketing Trainee Officer and Social Media Assistant.
VIVO is a young global smartphone brand focusing on introducing perfect sound quality and ultimate photography with cutting-edge technology, Vivo develops dynamic and stylish products for passionate young people. It develops and manufactures smartphones, smartphone accessories, software, and online services. Founded in 2009, Vivo has quickly expanded into markets in India and South East Asia.
Around 50 graduates and students from the department of Economics, Management Sciences and Public Administration were appeared for the interview. Applicants were given an orientation about VIVO’s profile and were briefed about the MTO program. The applicants participated with great zeal and enthusiasm. VIVO Pakistan will be conducting the second round of recruitment drive in June 2018.


November 14, 2017: The Centre for Career Counseling and Job Placement arranged Recruitment Drive carried out by Tech Skippers – a game developer studio. Representatives from Tech Skippers visited the Graphic Design Department of LCWU to induct final year graphic design students for the positions of CG and 3D Artist in their company. For that matter, they gave an orientation about their company to the students followed by collection of resumes and on-ground interviews of the potential candidates.


OCT- NOV, 2017: The CCJP office conducted career counseling and guidance sessions for the graduating class of each department of the university. It was a month long activity carried out by Ms. Rida Sohail, Manager (Acting) – CCJP in which she visited each department and had guidance sessions with the students of graduating class. Students were guided on how to analyze their interests and skills to identify career fields, how to write job applications, and to evaluate ones options in selecting a best career match.

Coach Me Confident: A CV Building Workshop

October 31, 2017: The CCJP office arranged a very interactive and informative session on CV Building titled "Coach Me Confident" conducted by Ms. Abida Mukhtar, Founder Inspiring Women - Pakistan. Students were given an insight into on how to make a CV, about professional etiquettes while writing and sending out job applications, and basic tips one should keep in mind when appearing for an interview.

Another mentor who was invited was Ms. Sylvia D'Souza, Senior Manager internships/placements at FC College who also told students about making a big first impression through one's CV.

Will you be the Next Most Powerful Woman?

March 30, 2017: The Centre for Career Counseling and Job Placement, Women Institute for Leadership & Learning organized a workshop titled “Will you be the Next Most Powerful Woman?” for LCWU students. The workshop was aimed at helping students understand what motivates them and assist them in overcoming common challenges which hold them back from realizing their true potentials. The workshop helped students in the identification of their true potential and career interets. The workshop was conducted by Ms. Abida Mukhtar, Founder Inspiring Women and Ms. Azal Zahir, Director Operation.

Talk on “How to Lead a Successful Career”

March 21, 2017: The Centre for Career Counseling and Job Placement in collaboration with Career Pakistan arranged a talk on “how to lead a successful career” for undergraduate and graduate students. For that matter, Mr. Faham Ahmad –HR Director PepsiCo was invited to speak to our students. In his address to the students, he emphasized that a career path that is expanding today could easily shrink tomorrow — or next year. It’s important to see where job growth is expected, especially in the career fields that most interest you. Besides knowledge of these trends, the other advantage of conducting this research is the power it gives one to adjust and strengthen one’s position, one unique selling proposition.

He further added that one of the keys to job and career success is having a unique set of accomplishments, skills, and education that make one better than all others in one’s career.

Moreover, he explained that one of the remarkable outcomes of career planning is picturing oneself in the future. Where will you be in a year? In five years? A key component to developing multiple scenarios of that future is researching career paths.
The session concluded with some brainstorming exercises followed by a Q/A session.


March 1, 2017: CCJP organized a workshop on Resume Writing and Personal Branding for the students of graduating class. During this workshop the students were trained on how to write an effective CV/resume and how to brand oneself to win an interview. Trainees were introduced to the changed requirements of a highly competitive job market where an eloquent resume is the only gateway to an accomplished job.

This resume writing training was aimed at anyone who wishes to enhance their resume writing skills. It has given participants the basic skills and knowledge needed as a foundation from which they can later develop the specialist skills of planning, preparing, questioning, communicating (oral, verbal and written), active listening and presenting.

The workshop was conducted by Mr. Muhammad Talha Salam, an alumnus of IBA, Karachi and NUST and has more than 13 years of corporate and academia experience. He is also a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) from Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches (PARW/CC). Overall, the workshop was proved to be a great learning experience for the students.


The Centre for Career Counseling and Job Placement in collaboration with Career Pakistan organized a talk on the “Opportunities in Telecom Industry on January 17, 2017. For that matter, Mr. Rizwan Tiwana – CEO Wateen was invited to speak to the students. Mr. Tiwana has over 19 years of diverse experience in telecom industry including leading large scale operators and global network vendors from different parts of the world.

In his address to the students, Mr. Tiwana spoke about existing & future opportunities for women in Pakistan telecom market, gender balance in Telco operators and about the key skills for being successful in Telco market. The talk was followed by a Q & A session. The session was proved to be very informative and was much appreciated by the students.

International Visitor Leadership Program

Ms. Rida Sohail, Assistant Manager at the office of Career Counseling and Job Placement, Women Institute of Leadership and Learning visited USA for International Visitors Leadership Program by the US Department of State. During her three weeks stay (May 14, 2016 – June 4, 2016) at Washington DC, Rochester, NY; Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona; Indianapolis and Chicago, she had a chance to meet with the professionals and career advisors from US public and private universities and community colleges and learned about how they are facilitating and mentoring students towards career planning leading to successful job placements.

Beginning with Washington, DC, she met with the professionals from the American University, Georgetown University, US Department of State, US Department of Education, Potomac Job Corps Centre, FFA, Junior Achievement etc. where she learnt about university career center programs to mentor students, facilitate recruiting and job placement and about public-private cooperation in career preparation and training.

At Rochester, New York, Ms. Sohail met with the career advisors at Rochester Institute of Technology, Monroe Community College, Eastern Monroe Career Centre and West Irondequoit Central School District Technology Education Department and learnt about how they are allowing students to enhance their skills towards career and technical education even handicapped and at-risk students.

Furthermore, she had a great learning experience to know about the policies and strategies in developing students’ academic and career goals in their primary, secondary and at higher education level and also about the practices for mentoring at-risk and other students after meeting the professionals at the institutes and career services centers at Phoenix, Indianapolis and Chicago.

Selection for International Visitors Leadership Program

Ms. Rida Sohail, Assistant Manager at the office of Career Counseling and Job Placement, Women Institute of Leadership and Learning has been selected for International Visitors Leadership Program by the US Department of State. The International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) is the U.S. Department of State’s premier professional exchange program. Through short-term visits to the United States, current and emerging foreign leaders in a variety of fields experience this country firsthand and cultivate lasting relationships with their American counterparts.

This year the theme of the program is Job Placement Centres and Career Planning. Under which Ms. Sohail will receive training on the education-to-employment strategies that can help Pakistani educators, policy-makers, and career advisors support the future Pakistani workforce in career preparation.

The program will help professionals and career advisors to guide students toward fields of aptitude and to institutionalize the concept of job fairs and career counseling in general.  Ms. Sohail will get first-hand experience of how career planning and guidance is prioritized in each stage of the U.S. educational experience.  She will also learn about career education best practices and tools as well as organization of job fairs and private sector recruiting through university networks.

The program will empower her to better guide Pakistani students in making individually appropriate career choices and to reach their goal of becoming skilled and marketable employees.


May 03, 2016: CCJP arranged a comprehensive session on Career Development and Counseling. For this matter, Mr. Yousaf Rai, Managing Director at VIRE HR Solutions along with Mr. Ali Butt visited LCWU to conduct the session. The session was divided in two halves.

First part was dealt with career development and branding oneself in the corporate sector, self-differentiation for market competitive edge, CV writing, email etiquettes and cover letter writing do’s and don’ts.
The second part of the session focused on current job market trends and on foreign education counseling. The session was followed by a Q/A session.


April 5, 2016: The Centre for Career Counseling and Job Placement organized a recruitment drive for the students of Management and Administrative Sciences to be a part of the dynamic team of the Superior Group. For that matter, Superior Groups HR officials, Mr. Muneeb Ahmab – HR Business Partner, Mr. Daniyal Ahmad – HR Officer and Mr Saqib Mehmood – Manager Operations visited the campus, collected resumes and conducted on campus interviews of the prospective candidates.

Informative session on Amal Academy Career Prep Fellowship Program

Feb 4, 2016: The Career Counseling and Job Placement office in collaboration with Student Financial Aid office organized an informative session on Amal Career Prep Fellowship program in partnership with PEEF. For this matter, Ms. Sarah Farooq – Program Manager at Amal visited LCWU to inform students about Amal Academy and its fellowship program. In her address to the students, she stated that  Amal Academy is an education startup launched by a team of Acumen Fund and Stanford MBA / MA alum and Amal’s approach is to create a model platform – through blended learning fellowships and teacher training.

She further added that Amal Career-Prep Fellowship is an intense three months leadership program that helps students to achieve a quality job and reach their professional dreams, specifically by developing critical business skills (e.g., English speaking, business writing, leadership, interviewing, resume, etc.). She told students that applications for Career Prep fellowship is now open and by enrolling in and completing this fellowship, fellows will be able to successfully secure a job within one month after completing the fellowship.

Nestle’ Career Drive 2016

Feb 3, 2016: The Centre for Career Counseling and Job Placement invited officials from Nestle’ including Mr. Nabeel Ahmed – Corporate Recruitment Specialist and Ms. Iqra Mahmood – Project Intern, to conduct a Career Drive for the students of Management Sciences, Engineering and Computer Sciences. The career drive began with the information session about Nestle Pakistan, its nationwide operations and why it is one of the best employers in the industry. Students were shown employee testimonial videos, were told about how it is to be a part of Nestle, were made aware of recruitment and selection process at Nestle’ and how to apply for their current openings i.e. Management Trainee Program, sales, engineering and supply apprenticeship programs, internships and lateral positions. The Career Drive was followed by Q&A session, career counseling session and CV collection of the potential candidates.

Career Counseling Session by ICMA

November 23, 2015: The Centre for Career Counseling and Job Placement invited officials from the Institute of Cost and Management Accountants (ICMA) to deliver a Career Counseling Session regarding career prospects of CMA and ACMA profession. The guest speaker for the seminar was Ms. Kiran Hameed – Officer Admission and Career Counseling, ICMA, Lahore.

Ms. Kiran Hameed brought into our notice about the factors to be kept in consideration while choosing a career, she told students on how cost management accounting is a rewarding profession and what the diverse roles of this profession are. Questions/Answers session was also initiated. This seminar was specifically organized for the students of management sciences, economics, and commerce. Overall, the seminar was very informative and was much appreciated by the audience.

Nestle Pakistan Women Empowerment Seminar

October 29, 2015: After a huge success of Nestlé’s ‘Kero-Aetimaad seminar’ from previous year, Nestlé Pakistan again organized a seminar having a theme based on Women Empowerment in Lahore on October 29, 2015 at PC Hotel. For this matter, Career Counseling and Job Placement office of LCWU was contacted to send nominations of students currently in their final year of Graduation/ Post-Graduation Degree Programs. CCJP office received an enthusiastic response from the students showing interest in participation. Out of 100 nominations, 45 students from the disciplines of Gender Studies, IR, Political Science, Economics, Fine Arts, Mass Communication, Statistics, TESOL, English Literature, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering were given the opportunity to attend the seminar. Nestlé’s seminar was proved to be an excellent opportunity for LCWU talent to learn from the experiences of successful professionals at Nestlé Pakistan. This empowerment seminar helped the participants to understand different aspects of a Working Woman’s professional life, and to learn from experiences of different female leaders currently working at Nestlé and contributing towards breaking the career stereotypes.

Education Day 2015

April 24, 2015: Education Day marks the beginning of the mini job fairs/employers meet up to be held at LCWU in coming weeks. This year instead of going towards the traditional way of organizing job fair, CCJP have decided to divide it in different sectors i.e. Education, IT, Banking, NGOs and Design and Visual Arts.

First in the series is the Education Day in which schools and universities including Alma Mater, Beaconhouse School System, British Education and Training System (BETS) and WWF were invited keeping in mind our students' strong interest towards teaching.


March 27, 2015: Centre for Career Counseling and Job Placement in collaboration with Young Leaders Organization organized a Business Mentorship Day at LCWU. An event of its kind that covered social media, branding, marketing, communication and entrepreneurship.

Guest speakers from corporate sector including Nestle, Coca Cola, Nai Baat, Brighto Paints, International Grammer School, BNU, UCP and LCCI were invited to speak to the students about art of communication, building powerful connections, unique marketing campaigns and self-discovery.


March 20, 2015: This seminar combined important information about IELTS with practical ways to prepare for the test. British Council representative, Mr. Ali Azhar explained the structure and procedures for taking the test and how the result will help the test takers to apply to universities abroad (including Hong Kong, the UK, the USA, Australia, Canada and New Zealand). In addition, students were told that IELTS preparation course teachers will share exam preparation tips and hints. This seminar familiarized students with the IELTS test format, what it involves and the type of questions they will encounter in the IELTS e