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December 2015

Gul-e-Daudi at LCWU

Have a praising look at the floral beauty of the university. The gardenerss efforts of a whole year have brought fruit in the form of Gul-e-Daudi that may refresh our senses.

Visit of Member of American Consulate 22nd December,2015

Ms. Raecheal Chen (US Consultant) visited the Primary Laboratory School on 22nd December, 15. Dr.Nusra Inayat , Head Department of Education , Dr .Sarah Shahid , Head Department of Gender Studies and Dr.Affifa Khanum,Head Department of Research and Evaluation  , Dr.Asma Shahid Kazi, Head Department of Professional Studies and Ms. Seema Bukhari, Principal of Primary Laboratory School were there.

Celebration of Christmas Day 22nd December, 2015

Christmas day was observed on 22nd December, 2015. Students nicely dressed the Red Caps of Santa Claus and sang the song “Jingle Bells…..Santa Claus is coming to town”.

Celebration of Eid Milad-Un-Nabi 21 December, 2015

Eid Milad-Un-Nabi was celebrated by the students of Primary Laboratory School: IOE. Students presented the Naats with full Aqeedat.

Seminar on “Fall of Dhaka in the Future Perspective”

History Department of Lahore College for Women University, organized a seminar on “Fall of Dhaka in the future perspective” by Dr. Rizwan Ullah Kokab, Government College University, Faisalabad, on 21 December, 2015.

The separation of East Pakistan was culmination of the weakness of certain institutions of Pakistan’s political system. This failure of the institutions was in turn the result of the failure of the leadership of Pakistan who could not understand the significance of the political institutions and could not manoeuvre the institutions for the strength and unity of Pakistan. Like in every political system the political parties were one of the major institutions in Pakistan which could enable the federation of Pakistan to face the challenge of separatism successfully. He explained that how any national political party could not grow and mature in Pakistan and thus a deterrent of the separatism could not be established. He has also revealed that the political parties were not strengthened by the leaders who always remained stronger than the parties and continued driving the parties for the sake of their personal political motives. Like language and provincial autonomy, the absence ofnationwide party organisation was one of the factors whichbecame instrumental in the successes of the Bengali separatistmovement. The leaders of Pakistan used and damaged every politicalparty through their domination over them individually. Regionalparties were developed and national parties were discouraged inthe restrictive atmosphere. When Pakistani culture needed thequest for a national party, Pakistan Muslim League’s national status declined and the leaders could do nothing to save it. Verylimited efforts, on behalf of the leaders, were made to developnational parties in well-organized manner, in contrary to theorganized political parties which could be seen developing in thegrowth of Bengali Movement.

The restrictions over free development of the parties anddomination of the leaders decreased the positive impacts of theparties and increased the negative effects of the rise of incapableleaders. The leaders who could or tried to establish nationalpolitical parties were blocked in many ways. In this way, thepolitical parties vis-a-vis the leadership weakened and they couldnot help in restraining the separatist movement.

This informative Seminar was attended by a large number of members of LCWU faculty who duly appreciated the content as well as the effective delivery of that content. It was an interactive Lecture that concluded with a question answer session. Prof. Dr. Zahida Suleman (Head of History Deptt.) Presented  Dr. Rizwan Ullah Kokab with the Souvenir.

HEC Nominee for Plagiarism standing Committee

Prof Dr. Kausar J. Cheema is nominated as HEC nominee in the Plagiarism standing Committee of Lahore College for Women University.

Visit of Iranian Scholars to LCWU

Irani Scholars including Professor Dr.Eiraj Pur Vice Chancellor Pyam-e-Noor University Isphahan, Poetess and Professor Dr. Hakeeme Dabeeran former Vice Chancellor Al Zahra University Tehran, at present Professor in Khrazmi University, Dr. Muhajirani former Professor and Mr. Farhang Muhajirani a scholar of German language, Dr. Nargis from Azad e Islami University, Professor of Education Dr.Mughisa and his Mrs. visited LCWU on 17th December 2015, In their visit they met Vice Chancellor LCWU Prof. Dr. Uzma Qureshi, Registrar Mrs. Uzma Magsi and talked about mutual interests and ensured to collaborate in future in different fields, like exchange of students and teachers , collaboration for research journal and Virtual Conferences etc.

Then the delegation visited Fine Arts department where an exhibition was arranged to commemorate the martyrdom of students  and teachers of Army Public School Peshawar on 16th Dec 2014.The Iranian Scholars expressed deep grief regarding this sad event . Then Scholars were taken to Persian Department, where the faculty and students of B.S, M.S and PHD Persian gave them a warm welcome. M.S students also presented Iqbal’s poetry in group performance which was very much appreciated by the Irani scholars .The members of the delegation addressed the students, highlighted the importance of learning Persian language for not only character building but to cope with the needs of modern Era where Persian language is an important medium of communication in trade and cultural exchanges among Persian speaking countries such as Iran, Tajikistan, Afghanistan etc. Dr.Faleeha Zahra Kazmi HOD Persian Department thanked the honorable guests and presented gifts to them. In the end a delightful tea was served.

Two Days Program to Pay Tribute to the Martyrs of APS Peshawar

On 15th and 17th December 2015, the department of Political Science/Int-Relations/Pak.Studies arranged a program to pay tribute to the martyrs of APS Peshawar. On 15th Dec’15, a Peace Walk was organized in which students and staff from different disciplines participated.
Students were carrying different holdings and placards to show their commitment to eradicate terrorism and its impact from the state of Pakistan, consequently from the world community as well.Prof Dr Uzma Quershi (Acting VC), Directors, Deans and Head of Departments from various Department also joined the walk.
Children of Elementary School of LCWU also took part in Peace Walk. Peace walk started from PG Block I and ended at in front of Bushra Mateen Building., where students recited National Anthem and Songs. This walk was organized by Ms Saima Butt and Ms Nadia Zaheer.

Day II 17th Dec’15: In continuation of activities in paying tribute to the martyrs of APS Peshawar, a ceremony was arranged at Student Service Center LCWU. Dr Prof Bushra Mateen was the guest of honor. Deans, Directors and Head of Departments from different Departments grace the occasion. The program started with the recitation of Holy Quran, followed by the National Songs. Afterwards, a documentary prepared by the Department of Int-Relations, named Implications of Terrorism on Pakistan was played.
Then a Play prepared by the students of BS III Int-Relations was performed under the direction of Ms Maryam Azam, which was highly appreciated by the audience. Then the students from APS Lahore sung a song for their fellows of APS Peshawar. Later, the guest of honor shared her views. The ceremony ended with the Vote of Thanks by Prof Mobina Ali (Chairperson Dept of Pol.Sci/IR/Pak.St)

Academic Quality Assurance with Outcome-based Education: challenges & prospectus

Directorate of Faculty Development and Internationalization (DFDI)  in collaboration with Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) department of Lahore College for Women University, organized a seminar on “Academic Quality Assurance with Outcome-based Education: challenges & prospectus” by Dr. Kamran Moosa ,Chief Executive PIQC Institute of Quality, on Thursday 17th, December, 2015.

Dr. Kamran Moosa apprised the audience not only of the statistical data of the development in the field of education on global level but also how the current pedagogy can be improved through training and willingness to change for betterment. The need for moving towards outcome-based education as well as the ultimate product – the graduate- of the university was highlighted. The role of a teacher at Higher Education level was also discussed in this speedily evolving time in terms of accountability and acceptance of change. Part of the presentation pinpointed the features of a well- planned curriculum with specified student learning outcomes besides the designing of question papers according to Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Dr. Kamran Moosa is a renowned specialist in Quality assurance and management at national as well as International level. This informative seminar was attended by a large number of members of LCWU faculty who duly appreciated the content as well as the effective delivery of that content.

Dr. Moosa’s knowledge, experience, wit and real life examples captivated the audience throughout the event. It was an interactive seminar that concluded with a question answer session.  LCWU’s Controller Examination Dr. Tahira Mughal presented Dr. Moosa with the souvenir. 

Remembering the Buds that were crushed before they would Bloom

Faculty of Institute of Visual Arts & Design LCWU has organized an exhibition titled “Remembering the Buds that failed to Bloom” in remembrance of the students of APS (Army Public School) Peshawar on December 16th 2015 at 9:30 am in the NHQ Gallery, IVAD, LCWU.

A total of Twenty-seven faculty members, students and painting artists are part of this important occasion.
The purpose of this occasion is to express solidarity with the families of those children who are not among us today. They were the young buds of our nation that were unfortunately crushed before they could fully bloom and became the victims of terror. They are not physically with us today but they will be cherished for a long time.

List of Participants

1.    Ms. Aasma Majeed
2.    Ms. Aisha Farzand
3.    Ms. Aisha Saddiqa
4.    Ms. Amber Munir
5.    Ms. Aneeka Mehmud
6.    Ms. Aqsa Rehan
7.    Mr. Arfan Javed Augestine.
8.    Mr. Asad Farooqi
9.    Ms. Farah Khan
10.    Ms. Fatima Saeed
11.    Ms. Ghazala Anjum
12.    Mr. Jamil Hussain
13.    Dr. Khalid Mehmood
14.    Ms. Mariam Javed
15.    Ms. Maryam Baber
16.    Dr. Masooma Abbas
17.    Dr. Musarat Husan
18.    Ms. Nida Ejaz
19.    Ms. Nighat Mehboob
20.    Ms. Rabia Yaseen
21.    Ms. Rehana Salman
22.    Dr. Rifaat Saif Dar
23.    Dr. Sadia Murtaza
24.    Mrs. Saeed Khalid
25.    Dr. Samina Nasim
26.    Ms. Sidra Liaqat
27.    Ms. Sobia Maqsood
28.    Prof. Zammurad Safdar

Students Participated in Peace Walk on 15th December, 2015

Students of Primary Laboratory School: IOE joined the Peace Walk on 15th December, 2015. Vice Chancellor, Prof.Dr.Uzma Qureshi and other senior faculty members were also participated in Peace Walk. Children were holding the banners with different slogans “Dehshatgardi ky khilaaf ….. Hamara Jihad , Qalam Aur Kitaab” showed harmony and solidarity for Peace.

Seminar on “Pakistan-India and Afghanistan Relation

History Department of Lahore College for Women University, organized a seminar on “Pakistan-India and Afghanistan Relation” by Mr. Mahboob Ahmad, Ph.D Scholar of Kashmir University, Srinagr, on 14th December, 2015.Mr. Mahboob Ahmad explained the realtions between Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. Mr. Mahboob Ahmad apprised the audience the Relations between India and Pakistan have been complex due to a number of historical and political events. Relations between the two states have been defined by the violent Partition of British India in 1947, the Kashmir Conflict and the numerous Military Conflicts fought between the two nations. Consequently, even though the two South Asian nations share Linguistic, cultural, geographic, and economic links, their relationship has been plagued by hostility and suspicion. The insurgents who initially started their movement as a pro-Kashmiri independence movement, have gone through a lot of change in their ideology. Most of the insurgents portray their struggle as a religious one. Indian analysts allege that by supporting these insurgents, Pakistan is trying to wage a Proxy War against India while Pakistan claims that it regards most of these insurgent groups as "freedom fighters" rather than terrorists. Internationally known to be the most deadly theatre of conflict, nearly 10 million people, including Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists, have been fighting a daily battle for survival. The cross-border firing between India and Pakistan, and the terrorist attacks combined have taken its toll on the Kashmiris, who have suffered poor living standards and an erosion of human rights.

This informative Seminar was attended by a large number of members of LCWU faculty who duly appreciated the content as well as the effective delivery of that content. It was an interactive Lecture that concluded with a question answer session. Dr. Sarah Shahid on the behalf of Vice-Chancellor presented Mr.Mahboob Ahmad with the Souvenir.


Seminar on Child Abuse

Psychological Society, Lahore College for Women University, Lahore conducted a seminar titled “Child Abuse” in collaboration with Women Institute of Leadership and Learning, LCWU, Lahore. Seminar was led in Day Care Center, LCWU, Lahore on December 11’ 2015.  Session was presided by the Head of Psychology Department, Prof. Ms. Talat Sohail who was assisted by Ms. Tehziba Kousir, Ms.Paras Aslam, Ms. Qudsia Chattha and Ms. Humaira (Lecturers, Department of Applied Psychology).  The purpose of the session was to spread awareness about Child Abuse   among Day Care staff and parents of children registered there. The discourse covered all, Physical, Sexual and Verbal abuse related to children. It moreover highlighted the risk factors and behaviors involved in Child Abuse   and offered some mechanisms by which the mistreatment   could be easily prevented.   Seminar was very well organized which included multimedia presentations, poster presentations and poetry segment to wake up the minds against Child Abuse. Questions of staff and parents were answered to their satisfaction in the last segment. 

The World Quality Day

QEC of LCWU conducted a seminar on “The World Quality Day” on 9th December, 2015 at LCWU. Prof.Dr.Aamir Ijaz, Director (QEC) from University of the Punjab, Lahore was invited as the Key note speaker. The honorable Vice Chancellor Prof.Dr.Uzma Qureshi was the chief guest of the event.

National Junior Karate Championship 2015

Saira Amjad  D/o Muhammad Amjad F.A Part-II  and Ayesha Ibrahim D/o Muhammad Ibrahim F.A Part-I(ICS) Intermediate College LCWU Lahore have recently participated in national junior karate championship 2015 held in Sindh and have won two silver and one Bronze medals and one gold and one Bronze medals respectively.

Certificate Distribution Ceremony

Project management is a demanding process which requires adequate skills for the efficient use of resources and time and then a time to time training in order to upgrade the skills as well as knowledge. A comprehensive training session was conducted at LCWU for the academic as well as non-academic members of the faculty, organized by Faculty Development Center of Directorate of Faculty Development and Internationalization.

Conclusively, the Certificate Award Ceremony was organized and Dr. Muhammad Nizamuddin, Chairman HEC, Punjab graced the occasion as the Chief guest who gave away the certificates to the participants of the course. He congratulated the participants for their commitment and keenness for their professional development. Dr. Uzma Qureshi, the Vice Chancellor of LCWU apprised him of the progressive approach for the faculty development in the university.

Glimpses from the contemporary art in Pakistan

A group show Glimpses from the contemporary art in Pakistan On 4th December 2015 At NHQ Gallery IVAD Lahore College for Women University Lahore.

This show refers to the contemporary art made and produced by 7 practicing artists living in Lahore and Students of MS Fine Arts Session 2014-16 of Lahore College for Women University Lahore. Their work is a response to a global environment that is culturally diverse, technologically advancing, and multifaceted. Working in a wide range of mediums, these contemporary artists reflect and comment on modern-day society. This exhibition includes paintings, mixed media and 3D installations.
A seminar on the development of contemporary Pakistani art is also included in the program.
Artist’s names
1.    Dr. Sadia Murtaza
2.    Noreen Akhter
3.    Ijaz ul Hassan
4.    Rahim Baloch
5.    Irfan Hassan
6.    Aakif Suri
7.    Ahsan Naqvi
8.    Haider Ali

Student’s Names
1.    Maryam Javaid
2.    Saher Afzal
3.    Sadia Zaka
4.    Sania Asim
5.    Hira Mubashar
6.    Azka Naeem
7.    Syeda Rabya Sadiq

Video Link Conference

Video link conference was arranged by the Department of Professional Studies-IOE on Dec 2 2015 in which the Renowned Peace Nobel Laureate Mrs. Tawakkol Karman broadcast her keynote lecture through video Conferencing on the theme of Human Rights and Women Empowerment. Faculty members and Ph.D scholars from Institute of Education attended the session.

Mrs. Tawakkol Addel-Salam Karman, first Muslim Arab lady Noble Peace Prize recipient asserted that women should struggle for comprehensive solutions to build a society based on peace, democracy, rule of law, justice, equality and freedom. They should also raise their voice against injustices, corruption, illiteracy, poverty   in the society. She urged that the governments, institutions, political parties and laws should guarantee active participation of women in all walks of life.

This video conferencing was organized by COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Islamabad and Inter University Consortium for Promotion of Social Sciences in Pakistan (IUCPSS).

International Study Visits (ISV)

Selection of Rukhsar Fatima for International Study Visits (ISV) as Part of the Global Active Citizens Programme
Rukhsar Fatima from Department of Professional Studies –IOE, (Sem V, B.Ed Hons) was selected for the British Council International Study Visits (ISV) as part of the global Active Citizens programme for the year 2015-2016. She was the group leader for the ACP project “Developing Self Reliance and Self Confidence in Transgenders”.

In an ISV, 25 and 30 Active Citizens from at least five different countries and a wide range of communities for a week to take part in a mixture of discussions and presentations, workshops and visits on topics relevant to the Active Citizens Learning Journey. It aims to increase understanding of the power of global connections and to develop skills to establish global networks engaged in social development. Aniqa Jamil, Amna Sarfaraz, Aqsa Saleem, Sajila Riaz, Mehak Rasheed and Mahnoor Mustafa Khan were other group members of the ACP project.

Controlling Urban Sprawl and Adopting Compact Development Policies: Lessons Learn from Malaysia

Dr. Asghar Naeem , Head of Urban and Regional Planning Department, NUST delivered a special lecture at City & Regional Planning Department, Lahore College for Women University (LCWU), Lahore.