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SESSION: 2010-2014

SESSION: 2010-2014


(Ma-rukh Tariq, Asma Siddiqui, Aliza Hiader, Nimra Ishfaq, Oneeba Ahmed)
This is a mosquito repellent electronic circuit which keeps mosquitoes away by ultrasonic waves produced. The circuitry consist of different electronic components which produces ultra-sonic waves as an output, small insects like mosquito are very sensitive to the frequency of such waves, they cannot with stand such frequency so they are being repelled by this circuit in the area in which the device is present .This circuit is made at a very cheap cost and it has no side effects. The range of the mosquito repellent device is 15 to 16 feet. It can be used as a portable device in the form of a wrist watch.


(Bushra Rabia, Khadija Usman, Zainab Zahid, Samra Tahir, Quart-Ul-Ain)
The purpose is to design a system to make life easier for consumer. The project titled “Home Appliances Remote Control” is actually a prototype that enables to implement an electrical device switch control, combining the wireless technology and domestic power line. The concept of this project is actually to build a new system to control many electrical devices by using a single remote controller. It can control the appliances even the sensor is at a considerable distance.


(Tajwar Sattar, Fatima Butt, Shawal Tahir, Hafsa Waleed and Sarah Zafar)
The increasing traffic on the roads resulting in excessive traffic jams is the problem we face many times a day. This is mostly because of the failure of the traffic control system. In this project we make devices, used for this system, which are already available with possible minor changes to them. With such modifications and increased number of devices that will be needed for the system to use as a communicational tool with the drivers, the traffic management system can be easily introduced even to the busiest roads. This will not only relieve stress from the drivers having to do long commute on the daily basis, but also increase throughput with minimal traffic delays. The solution required a simple traffic signal system with a little change to make life easy. In this project, we propose to implement and demonstrate, on a limited scale, the components of the system which will more effectively manage traffic on roads as well as the trains on railway tracks crossing the roads.


(Aakifa Aslam, Abreeza Ahmed, Ayesha Moazzam, Faryal Tanseer, Iqra Mohsin)
The aim of our project is to make a system where the battery will be charged using a rectified voltage from an AC source; the battery will take the load instantaneously when the main line power interruption will occur.  Here two types of conversion are taking place AC-DC and DC-AC.  Using rectification AC-DC conversion is taking place. We  have taken this project keeping in mind  cost reduction of UPS as it is very expensive in the market and also as a learning activity that how  much  informative it will be to  us as well as it will give us an opportunity to  explore various types of electronic components and how the output scan be controlled by transistor switching and what are the various types of probable problems to be faced.


(Sehar khan,  Iqra Shafiq , Syeda Jannat,  Uzma Tufail,  Wajiha Tariq,  Sadia Arshad)
In any modern structure or building of the world, safety has the highest priority and therefore smoke detectors are one of the basic components of the structure. Timely detection of smoke cannot only prevent fire accidents but it can also save thousands of lives. This  research work deals with the design , construction , installation and application of  ionization smoke detector-using heaters to ionize particles rather than radioactive materials .It also discusses some of the factors affecting a detector response. The smoke detectors mainly consist of two basic parts: a sensor to sense the smoke, and  buzzer/alarm: to alert people. It is especially realized using readily available, low cost components and it can be run off by a 12 V battery or household current. The application of a smoke detector can be in homes, highly smoke sensitive areas like petrol pump or lab areas where smoking is highly prohibited as it may cause an explosion.


(Amina Abdul Ghafoor, Sarrosh Zaheer, Aneela Nawaz, Irtaqa Azhar, Saba Javaid)
As our country is rapidly moving toward evolution of mechanism, So as to meet the all necessities of life we have chosen this idea to implement. The project provokes us to deal problems from a standpoint of view of the society. Our ultimate aim is to do and dedicate our self for the society. An Engineering project is a combination of numerous activities on the part of entrepreneurs, organizers, designers, workers etc. Project is a reflection of hard but harmonious labor on the part of above agencies. The engineer is the key element in any project work and it is not possible to attain success for every engineer.


(Fakhar-un-nisa, Iqra Ishfaq, Qurrat-ul-ain Aqeel, Maham Shahid, Iqra Qureshi, Isma)
Water is the most important Nature’s gift to the mankind. Now the man understands its importance, especially when it is not available. It is now being managed in the cities where its use is more than its availability and it is being stored in tank. The water is pumped into the water tower on the roof using a pumping motor. And many times the water tank overflows and water is wasted creating a mess. The usually way to prevent this is to install a sensor to detect the water level of the tank. When the water level is more than a prescribed point, the power of the pumping motor will be shut down to prevent the overflow of water.  So this is the function of the water level detection and control circuit.


(Iqra Farooq,Saira Saleem ,Daulat Faiza Khan,Sadia Akram,Iqra Asghar,Sehrish Jabeen)
Appropriate environmental conditions are necessary for optimum plant growth, improved crop yields, and efficient use of water and other resources. This circuit is used to   communicate   with the various sensor modules in real-time in order to control the light, inside a greenhouse by actuating a cooler and lights respectively according to the necessary condition of the crops. Also, the use of easily available components reduces the manufacturing and maintenance costs. The design is quite flexible as the software can be changed any time. It can thus be tailor-made to the specific requirements of the user.  This makes the proposed system to be an economical, portable and a low maintenance solution for greenhouse applications, especially in rural areas and for small scale agriculturists.


(Aisha Inayat, Sana Naeem, Iram Sheikh, Fatima Asghar, Hamna Hamid)
The basic aim of project is to provide security. As we are familiar with our Country crisis, today no one is safe. We saw many road accidents, even there is no safety for people who are not from country (Attack on Sri-Lanka team, etc.).So by providing our useful project we can secure many people. In this we have used very basic components. The lamp automatically emits brilliant tri-color light when a vehicle approaches the rear side of the vehicle.This Ultra-bright blue yellow and redheads of the signal alert lamp emits very bright light to alert vehicle's driver even during daytime, giving additional safety during night .The circuit saves considerable battery power. High way alert signal lamp is used in vehicles for safe highway driving.


(Zainab Nasir, Fatima Munawar, Nida Khalid, Amina Rana, Nida Imtiaz, Kanza Khalid)
One should not take the chance of becoming a victim of burglary, which is often accompanied by violence. Protecting our family and valuables with this home security alarm system we have designed will let us rest our head knowing that should anyone try to break into our home, an alarm will go off and we will be alerted immediately. This alarm system consists of a buzzer and an LED that will blink when the button will be pushed. There is a filter that converts the dc pulsating signal into a non-pulsating one. There is a potentiometer and a zener diode to check the voltage regulation and the working of the 555 timer.