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Department of French


The Department of Modern Languages at the LCWU imparts quality education to create skills and to produce graduates of international calibre who are proficient especially in European languages and capable of written and spoken communication in these languages.

Learning Objectives:

•    To develop an awareness and understanding of the foreign language and culture.

•    To understand on a basic level how the foreign language functions.

•    Comprehend the foreign language with sufficient ability to grasp the main idea and some supporting details in short conversations.

•    Ultimate goal of the department is to empower the girl students with the essential tools of communication in European languages, thereby contributing to the objective of women, community, and the national development.

Degree Programs Offered

The department currently offers FRENCH language as elective/minor subject to students of FA and BS. French as major would be proposed to BS students from next academic year. Students with French elective in FA would be eligible to apply. Other languages proposed to be added as elective subjects in future include CHINESE, SPANISH and RUSSIAN.

List of Visiting Faculty:
Ms Zil-e- Ayesha,
University of Punjab