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GW-LCWU Partnership- Building Connections, Building Capacity Three Year Project funded by the State Department

GW-LCWU Partnership- Building Connections, Building Capacity Three Year Project funded by the State Department
Report 2014- 2016

Department of Gender and Development Studies, Lahore College for Women University has entered into a three year partnership with George Washington University USA’s Global Gender Program. This project is based on collaborative and cost-efficient plan to build and sustain an academic partnership between the Global Gender Program (GGP) of the George Washington University (GW) and the Gender and Development Studies Program at Lahore College for Women University (LCWU) to enhance the academic, research, and knowledge exchange environment for faculty and students at LCWU and to support the mission of GW and its Global Gender Program.
This partnership  has started  on January 1, 2014, and will end on December 31, 2016. The partnership provided a series of activities, including curriculum development, student/ faculty exchanges, professional and leadership development, and international conferences, designed to maximize short-term and long-term impact at both universities.At The George Washington University, the project is led by Professor Barbara Miller, a senior academic with extensive experience in India and on gender issues; and Professor Shaista E. Khilji, a cross-cultural expert on leadership and adult learning (particularly in South Asia) with a longstanding educational/ research/ work experience and continuing relationships with institutions in Pakistan. At Lahore College Women’s University, the project’s leader is Dr. Sarah Shahed, Head of Department, Gender and Development Studies, and Director, Women Institute of Leadership and Learning.

Goals of the Partnership

  • Establish and sustain a new and enduring academic exchange relationship between LCWU's Department of Gender and Development and GW's Global Gender Program to enhance educational quality, research, and public engagement/service learning at both universities.
  • Contribute to positive change in cross-cultural attitudes through cultural exposure and understanding.

Faculty Exchange Program

Prof. Dr. Shaista Khilji from George Washington University visited Lahore College for Women University twice, in  2014  and 2016 .She  is Professor of Human and Organizational Learning & International Affairs at the George Washington University, During her stay in Pakistan,  she organized several trainings,workshop and courses on  qualitative research, scholarly writing, curriculum development and  leadership. She also reviewed the MS program curriculum with the faculty of GDS and facilitated in the designing the curriculum of the PhD program.

Mr. David D. Gow, Baker Professor Emeritus of Anthropology and International Affairs, George Washington University, Washington, DC also visited the Lahore College for Women University twice in 2014 & 2015. Dr. Gow is a sociocultural anthropologist who studies processes of local development, the evolution of local politics, and the relationships among participation, democracy, and citizenship. He taught courses on “Development, Gender, and Representation: An Anthropological Perspective”.

Dr. Jane Henrici, from George Washington University visited the Department of Gender & Development Studies, Lahore College for Women University, in 2016. Dr. Henrici is a Professorial Lecturer at Elliott School of International Affairs. During her stay, she delivered lectures on global gender issues and conducted many workshops based on qualitative research techniques. She also spoke as a guest speaker at the International Symposium on Gender and Disasters on March 8th and attended the panel discussion as panelist organized by British High Commission in collaboration with Lahore College for Women University on March 7th, 2016. 

In  2015 and 2016 five faculty members of Gender & Development Studies Department visited George Washington University, USA. During their stay,, they worked actively in curriculum development from defining learning objectives to designing assignments and term projects, etc. Faculty members had interactive sessions with doctoral and masters level students of GWU with the agenda of sharing experiences and to contribute in their dissertations about issues in Pakistan. They also visited Masters and PhD classes in order to enhance knowledge and skills regarding advanced teaching methods, strategies and to enhance Scholar’s teaching effectiveness. Additionally, faculty members delivered two seminar presentations on “Women’s Leadership in Pakistan- beyond Stereotypes and Myths” and Successes and Challenges of Pakistani Women. The Story of an Evolving Society  which were attended by faculty and students of GWU.They also attended meetings to discuss the mechanism of online classes.

Additionally, eight faculty members of Gender and Development studies have successfully completed the online course on women and global politics offered by the  Elliott School of International Affairs, George Washington University during the summer semester in  May to  June  2015. This course was led by the Prof .Dr. Michele A. Clark. The course examined how political, economic, social, cultural and religious frameworks affected the well being of women as well as contributed to a systemic lack of access to resources.

Students Exchange Program

Several students of  the MS program  of  Gender and Development Studies  visited the George Washington University, USA for summer semester in 2014, 2015 and 2016.During their six weeks stay in GWU, the students attended three research-based courses. Beside this, students attended several meetings with the faculty and doctoral students  at GWU.  Students at GWU also attended and presented papers at the conferences on Women’s Empowerment and Equality Challenges, Progress, and Opportunities, Empowering Women through Political Participation &Empowering Politics through Women’s Participation and What Works for Women’s Equality: Insights from Research and Practice organized by the global gender program, US.

Video Conferences

So far, four video conferences have been conducted between the  Department of Gender and Development Studies, Lahore College for Women University and Global Gender Program ,George Washington University. In these conferences, the students and faculty  from both sides exchanged ideas and knowledge about the challenges and prospects for change in women’s empowerment especially as related to gender-based issues.

Visit of US Consulate General's Public Affairs

US Consulate General's Public Affairs Officer, Ms. Rachel Chan, Advisor Higher Education & Youth Affairs, US Department of State, Mr. Jamal Ghazanfar and Public Affairs Officer, US Consulate General, Ms.Farakh N.Khan  visited the Lahore College for Women University on September 9, 2016. They met with the Worthy Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Uzma Qureshi and senior leadership of LCWU. In the meeting, future possibilities of academic collaboration between  universities of USA and LCWU were discussed. Additionally, students and faculty of Gender and Development Studies who under the partnership program of LCWU and GWU visited the USA, shared their experiences and extended their gratitude to the  US State Department for providing them opportunities of learning and capacity building in various academic areas.  


  • Students of Gender and Development Studies got 3rd positions in inter-departmental drama competition organized to celebrate International Women’s Day on 5thMarch, 2014.
  • Exhibitions of entrepreneurial projects were held by the students of Gender and Development Studies on 13th March,2014
  • Realizing the responsibility of promoting literacy amongst the marginalized sections of society, students of Department of Gender and Development working for Active Citizen Program decided to join hands with the Institute of Education Department in the project of setting up Laboratory Primary School. They designed and successfully executed their social action project under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Sarah Shahed and ACP facilitators to ensure the provision of good learning environment for the children in school. In this regard flower pots, decorative items, a swing and learning materials have been provided to school by fund raising.
  • Students of Gender and Development studies planned and implemented their social action project under the title of “smile for orphan” with the aim to tell many of these children for the first time in their lives they are valued, they deserve to live happy life, they have the right to live in comfort and they are cared about – just like any other child, in any other place in the world. This project was executed in Pakistan Sweet Homes which is the government of Pakistan initiative of providing shelter to those children by not giving a name of orphanage but sweet homes under the umbrella of Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal.   The main goals of this project were to provide awareness about health and hygiene and other supportive services to orphans and vulnerable children to enable them to live in healthy environment in order to make their future more productive.


Students of Gender and development in this regard organized two awareness sessions on health and hygiene regarding reproductive health of young girls in Lahore College for Women University on 11 October, &12November 2013 from 11:00 am to 01:30pm. Students of BS (Semesters 1st, 3rd 5th & 7th) from department of Gender and Development Studies and Social Work participated in this session. 3rd Awareness session was conducted on Fatima Jinnah Chuna Mandi College on 23rd October, 2013 where large number of students from different master’s program participated. Ms. Uzma Ashiq Khan (clinical psychologist) & Dr. Fouzia Khan (gynecologist and consultant) facilitated the session as a resource person. Ms Shehla Ahmad (MS Coordinator &Lecturer, LCWU) presented introductory notes and vote of thanks.