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Head Girl's Message

Message for LCWU

Three years at Lahore College for Women University and the experience here has been overwhelming. Being associated with this reputable institution has groomed me a great deal, and I’ve been provided with numerous opportunities to discover myself, to utilize my potentials to their fullest, to rise as a self reliant and an empowered woman, to advance as a compassionate and an influential young leader.  The Directorate of Student Affairs has played a vital and an unparalleled role in making me who I am today, allowing me to take huge responsibilities at a very young age. I owe all my achievements as the Head Girl of Lahore College to the exquisite guidance and untiring support of the Directorate of Student Affairs.
Lahore College is not only an educational institution, for me it is a place where I’ve grown, where I’ve been nurtured, where all my expertise have been unraveled, where I’ve made unbreakable bonds with my peers as well as my outstanding faculty, it is a place I call Home.  

Quratul-Ain Nadeem
Head Girl LCWU