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Message from the Vice Chancellor

Dear Students!

Welcome to Lahore College for Women University, a university that has been empowering generations of women through higher education and opening the doors of employability and entrepreneurship for almost a century. Being a progressive university it aims to come up to the standards of top international universities. New disciplines and new programs are being introduced, and a multi-disciplinary approach to higher education is being emphasized. In order to effectively utilize human and economic resources, vigorous training of faculty, administration and support staff is being carried out by the Directorate of Faculty Development and Internationalization. International collaborations with top ranking universities in UK, US and Australia are in progress to keep pace with modern techniques being introduced in higher education.  A rigorous internal quality assurance system has been introduced for consistent and catalytic improvement in the performance of the university in accordance with LCWU Vision 2020. Office of Research Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC) is there to foster a link between academic research and industry, promoting innovative research and encouraging university-industry collaborations in keeping with the vision of the Government to upgrade and modernize higher education in the country.

Development of physical infrastructure of the university and facilities for students, faculty and staff are continuing at a rapid pace to enhance the standards of education and to create an environment conducive to learning. Active Citizen Program (ACP) in collaboration with the British Council, the Career Counseling and Job Placement Center (CCJP) facilitates job placement ready to work graduates. LCWU focuses on employability and entrepreneurship as the key features of Vision 2020. In order to make higher education accessible to highly-meritorious but financially constrained students, scholarships are offered by LCWU at undergraduate and graduate level.

This is the era of transformation in higher education. Lahore College for Women University is aware of the need of providing higher education specialization in Humanities and Social Science as well as in Science and Technology. LCWU offers an opportunity to the young women of Pakistan for higher education, in its faculties of Natural Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Humanities and Social Sciences and Management and Administrative Sciences as well as in the Institutes of Education, Design and Visual Arts, Languages and Culture, Women Institute of Leadership and Learning and Institute of Pharmacy. The University continues educating and training women leaders of tomorrow as scientists, engineers, artists, IT professionals, doctors, social scientists, politicians, educationists and a highly competent work force to meet the challenges of 21st century.

Lahore College for Women University celebrates the growth of intellect and creativity in women and appreciates the way in which students from diversified backgrounds are able to learn the value of scholarship and higher education. It aspires to achieve excellence for young women in education and research and provide an environment which prepares them for active participation and contribution to the socio-economic development of Pakistan. As a distinctive multidisciplinary culture at LCWU unfolds, we look forward to the starting of Kala Shah Kaku Campus and how we are going to continue with our academic pursuit of excellence there.

Professor Dr. Uzma Quraishi
Vice Chancellor LCWU