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Students getting 1st, 2nd and 3rd position in the class will be awarded prizes where as the students getting 1st position in Lahore Board will be awarded Gold Medals and 2nd or 3rd positions the Silver Medals.

Shamshad Majeed Gold Medal will be awarded to a student who gets 1st position in F.A /FSc. in the subject of the Mathematics.


1- Financial Assistance Award
This  Scholarship  is  awarded  to  the  position holders of Boards in Matriculation by the college on need -
cum - talent basis.

2- Shamshad Majeed Scholarship

This  Scholarship  is  awarded  to  a  deserving
student for two years who studies Mathematics at Inter

3- Noor-ul-Taleem Scholarshi
This Scholarship is awarded to science students

4- Merit Scholarship

Specified Scholarships by Board or Government are awarded on merit.