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Plan of Action

The following activities are in offing to make ORIC a success in Lahore College for Women University:

  • National/International Seminars to bring together community, stakeholders, funding agencies and researchers to get the feedback on problems and solutions.
  • Establishment of a databank on research scholars of LCWU.
  • Establishment of Links with industry and corporate sector to bring fore the areas of research beneficial to all stake holders.
  • Facilitation in submission of research grant projects.
  • The achievement based awards for  incentives and promotion to be made the part of the policy.
  • Inter-departmental collaborations to be encouraged and promoted.
  • All research topics will be scrutinized by ORIC before finalization on the basis of their commercialization aspects and projects submitted to HEC through ORIC.
  • Seminars with stakeholders will be a regular feature.
  • Academic activities will be converted to the economic benefit of the University.
  • Departments/institutes will be facilitated in launching evening /summer short courses on 40/60 share bases.
  • Business plans for competitions will be facilitated and promoted through ORIC.