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A workshop on control growth of nanoparticles and their assembly was organized in Physics department on 10th April 2013. Dr Hafza Khurshid delivered lecture on " Control growth of shape and size variant nano particles and their intrinsic magnetic properties" and Mrs Aneeqa Sabah delivered " Visible light induced directed gold micro wires by self-organization of nanoparticles of Aspergillusniger" respectively.

An international conference on Solid State Physics is going to be held in Centre of Excellence in Solid State Physics, University of the Punjab Lahore from 1-6th December 2013. In this conference more than 15 invited talks are from the experts all over the world and its proceedings will be published in springer book. Selected, peer reviewed and revised papers will be published in impact factor journals. This is honour for LCWU that professor Dr. Farhat Saleemi is in its International advisory committee and Dr. Zohra Nazir Kayani incharge of Physics Society is in its organizing committee. This conference will give international recognition to Physics Society of LCWU.


  • Actively participated in Funfair by setting stall of Chinese food and its sale were good.
  • Arranged a workshop on nanotechnology on 19th April 2012. National and International physicist attended this workshop and delivered lectures. This workshop was helpful for students.
  • Arranged a symposium on material science which gave chance to national physicist to share ideas with each other.