Jhang Campus


ORIC Introduction:
Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC) has been established at Jhang campus since December 2017 with intention to promote university’s research and business activities.  ORIC aims to create awareness about intellectual property rights, encourage consultancies, create industrial linkages and business sector to promote students business/research ideas to a viable commercial products.
Transforming innovative research ideas into economic benefit of the country in general and LCWU Jhang campus in particular
ORIC Responsibility and Work:
•    Establishment of Links with industry and corporate sector to bring fore the areas of   research beneficial to all stake holders.

•    Facilitation in submission of research grant projects.

•    Inter-departmental collaborations to be encouraged and promoted.

•    All research topics will be scrutinized by ORIC before finalization on the basis of their commercialization aspects and projects submitted to HEC through ORIC.

•    Seminars with stakeholders will be a regular feature

•    Academic activities will be converted to the economic benefit of the Universin.

•    Departments/institutes will be facilitated in launching evening /summer short courses on 40/60 share bases.

•    Business plans for competitions will be facilitated and promoted through ORIC.
Samina Suppra
Incharge ORIC
LCWU Jhang Campus
Lecturer CTD Department