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Course Contents

1- Gas Liquid Chromatography / Gas Solid Chromatography Gas Chromatography, Derivative formation, Gas chromatographic Columns, Liquid Phases and Column Selection, Detectors for Gas Chromatography, Optimization of experimental conditions, Gas-Solid Chromatography, Interfacing Gas Chromatography with Mass spectrometry, Interfacing Gas Chromatography with infrared Spectroscopy 2- High Performance Liquid Chromatography Optimization of column performance, Gradient elution and related procedures, Derivation, HPLC Instrumentation, Mobile-Phase delivery system, Sample Introduction, Separation Columns, Detectors, Interfacing HPLC with Mass Spectrometry 3- Thermogravimetric Analysis / Differential Thermal Analysis Geeral Principle of thermal, instrumentation, types of measurements; TGA (Therogravimetric analysis), DTA (Differential thermal analysis), DSC (Differential scanning calorimetry), TT (Thermometric titrations) and EGD (evolved gas detection), Principles, Instrumentation and applications of these techniques

Course Synopsis

This course is designed to have insight into advanced analytical techniques including separations and very sensitive thermal analysis. This course is meant for the analytical chemistry students to study for the problem solving methods during various types of separations and analyses.

Course Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to learn separation by Gas chromatography, its instrumentation, principles, methods various factors that would help them in separations coupling of this separation with advanced sepctroscopic techniques separation by HPLC methods, instrumentation, applications coupling with mass spectrometer so that very sensitive analysis may be performed Principles and instrumentation of various thermal methods

Introduction to GC

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GC Instrumentation

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Introduction to Thermal Analysis

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Types of Thermal Analysis

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Differential Thermal Analysis

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Book Title : Modern Analytical Chemistry
Author : David T. Harvey
Edition : 1st
Publisher : McGraw Hill USA
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Book Title : Principles of Instrumental Analysis
Author : Skoog, Holler, Crouch
Edition : 6
Publisher : Thomson Books USA
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Title : Introduction to GC
Type : Presentation

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Title : GC and Instrumentation
Type : Other

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