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Introduction, A Generic approach to quality General Aspects in Analytical Chemistry, Quality Systems in the Analytical Measurements Analytical Quality Control, Assessment of Analytical Quality, Quality assurance and accreditation, Analytical procedures Analyst validation. Good laboratory practices, Supports of Quality Assurance, Costs and Benefits of Analytical Systems.

Course Synopsis

Students should learn the importance of quality control and quality assurance, its elements, Practical consideration in its development and implementation. Importance of SOP, Internal methods and External methods of quality assessment , prescriptive and performance based evaluation approach of Quality assurance, Errors in analytical reaearch, ISO standards and its benefits, Importance of GLP's, GMP's, Hierarachy of research, lab accreditation, electronic records, electronic signatures and Validation.

Course Learning Outcomes

* To know the importance of quality in research * To know how to bring quality in our research work * To know How to validate our research

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Book Title : analytical chemistry
Author : Gary D.Christian
Edition : 7th
Publisher : Wiley

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