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Ph.D News

Dr. Sharqa Hashmi completed her PhD in November, 2019 from University of the Punjab in the subject of Statistics. Her research supervisor was Prof. Dr. Ahmed Zogo Memon. Her research topic was “A Critical Analysis of the family of Beta Exponentiated Weibull Distributions (BEWD)”. The brief summary of her research work is given below: The five-parameter BEWD is a generalized distribution in modelling lifetimes of various industrial products. This research evoked a detailed knowledge of the distribution which includes an analysis of BEW subfamilies arising in different parametric constraints. Essentially, the reliability aspect of these subfamilies is characterized by useful properties which entails supporting information for model fitting. Its density and hazard curves are widely heterogeneous in their shapes. Three subfamilies of the BEWD family emerge under three parameter subspaces with the property that the members of each subfamily display similar density curves. It is found that some members of the BEWD family in one of the parameter subspaces approximately behave like a normal distribution. BEWD assumes decreasing, increasing or a bathtub behaviour. Using a sample hazard curve, and so a prior understanding of restrictions on the BEWD parameters the estimates of parameters for fitting BEWD have been found. These estimates based on maximum likelihood are essentially more efficient than when no such knowledge about the sample hazard curve is used. Characterizations based on truncated moments and hazard rate function are obtained. Simulation study of BEWD is performed in both ways; without the knowledge of parametric conditions and using parametric constraints and compare the results. Real data applications of the proposed approach support the better fitting of BEWD than other models. A generalization of BEWD is introduced in which a transmuted parameter is added and its behaviour is studied, named as Transmuted Beta Exponentiated Weibull Distribution (TBEWD). Different mathematical properties including moments, characteristic function, skewness, kurtosis and mode are being discussed. The transmuted parameter affects the basic characteristics, shape of density function and other properties of BEWD. Characterizations of TBEWD based on truncated moments and hazard rate function are also derived. The maximum likelihood estimation (MLE) is used to estimate the model parameters. Simulation Study is performed to test the efficiency of MLEs. Various aspects of this distribution are explored in the context of its applications, which include its subfamilies displaying reasonable similarity with regard to their hazard curves. The parametric restrictions so discovered are found useful in fitting this distribution. A number of applications of TBEWD model are also given.


SPSS Data Entry Builder-4, the Way How to Manage Data Entry

Department of Statistics is going to organize a one day workshop on 22nd April 2019. The topic of workshop is "SPSS Data Entry Builder-4, the Way How to Manage Data Entry”. The guest speaker Dr. Abdul Qayyum Working as Statistician in Crop Reporting Service, Agriculture Department, Punjab, Lahore.

Research Festival 2019

On 155 years of excellence GC University statistical society Department of Statistics GCU organized Research Festival 2019 on this occasions they held inter universities poster competitionon 11th April, 2019. Four students, Department of StatisticsLCWU, participated in this poster competition. Lahore College for Women University won three positions.
RamshaLiaqat supervised by MS. Naz Saud got 1st position andRuqayaNaseer supervised by Ms.ShaziaKashif won 4th position. Sana Sulemansupervised Ms. Naz Saud,  got 5th position.

Research Festival 2014

On the occasion of 150 years of excellence of GC University, Lahore, the Department of Statistics, GCUL also celebrated its Golden Jubilee. In this connection, Statistics Society, Department of Statistics organized a “Research Festival 2014” on May 16, 2014, which was largely attended by the students of various local colleges and universities. The competition was judged by prominent faculty members, from department of Statistics, Punjab University, Kinnaird College and GCU, Lahore.

Three students from Lahore College for Women, University also participated in the competition. While inaugurating the festival, Vice Chancellor of the GCU, Lahore highly appreciated the efforts and skills of the students of LCWU.

In the end, the winning students were awarded shields and certificates. Anum Fatima from Lahore College for Women University, Lahore was declared first whose poster skillfully portrayed her research endeavors which indeed motivated interest in students. Her work was well appreciated by all and sundry attending the occasion which was said to be knowledgeable and imaginative and the way she defended her work was also lauded by the judges.  Later, the Vice Chancellor gave away shields and certificates to the winning students.

Performance Acknowledgement of Ms Naz Saud

It is a matter of great pride for the Department of Statistics, Lahore College for Women University that Ms Naz Saud, (Lecturer) has been completed her M.Phil in Statistics from Punjab University, Lahore.

The topic of her thesis is ‘Two New Lifetime Distributions and Their Goodness of Fit Testing’. She worked under the Supervision of  Dr. Sohail Chand.

Performance Acknowledgement of Ms Asifa Kamal

It is a matter of great pride for the Department of Statistics, LCWU that Ms Asifa Kamal, (Assistant Professor) has been awarded Ph.D in Statistics from GCU, Lahore.

The topic of her thesis is  ‘Analysis of the effect of socio economic and proximate determinants of fertility on birth interval and children ever born women in Pakistan’. She worked under the Supervision of Prof. Dr. Khalid Pervaiz.