Department of Statistics


Research Seminar

A Research Seminar was held by statistical society of department of statistics on April 17th, 2014. The main objective of this seminar was to make students aware of latest work in mathematical and computational statistics. Another highlight of the seminar was to give students an introduction of software End Note, which may prove to be very useful in their research work.

The event was attended by large audience which included faculty members and students from the department. The seminar constituted three presentations by resource persons belonging to faculty and students of department of statistics, LCWU. The first lecture titled “A Snapshot of Research” was delivered by Ms. Tahira Bano, lecturer in statistics, currently doing  Ph.D. from University of Punjab. The presentation was mainly based on her M.Phil research and important research techniques such as Bayesian estimation was shared with the audience.
 The second resource person was Ms. Naz Saud, lecturer in statistics. Her lecture was based on her M.phil research. The title of the presentation was “Two New Lifetime Distributions and Their Goodness of Fit Testing". She shared the importance of use of R-language in research.

At last, a presentation on endnote software was given by Javeria basharat and Mamoona shafique (students of BS-III).  The basic purpose of this presentation was to inform students that how they can directly import references from online databases and manually into end note and word document, without wasting their time and effort in different styles without any mistakes.
Finally, participants were awarded by certificates

World Statistics Day Celebrations

Islamic Society of Statistical Sciences invited all institutions to join the weeklong celebrations (from 18.10.2010 to 23.10.2010) in connection with the World Statistics Day being celebrated worldwide on 18.10.2010. Department of Statistics at LAHORE COLLEGE FOR WOMEN UNIVERSITY, LAHORE (LCWU) decided to contribute to the same by organizing a seminar on “Development of Statistics in Pakistan”. In addition an essay competition highlighting different aspects of the subjects was held for students studying at different levels of BS Hons. Program. A panel of eminent professors from GOVERNMENT COLLEGE UNIVERSITY (GCU), Lahore was appointed to judge the competition.
The Seminar was held on 19.10.2010 in collaboration with HEC. Faculty members from statistics departments at all female colleges of Lahore, public sector as well as private sector universities in Lahore, University of Gujrat and Quaid-e-Azam university, Islamabad were invited to attend the seminar. The objective of seminar was to highlight the role and development of statistics in Pakistan since independence. Proceedings of seminar started with an opening speech by Dr. Bushra Mateen, the Vice Chancellor of LCWU, followed by welcome address by Dr. Ayesha Roohi, the head of statistics department, LCWU.

The first lecture highlighting, “The Current Status of Statistics in Pakistan”  was delivered by Dr. Munir Ahmad, who is the rector of National College of Business Administration & Economics (NCBA&E) and one of the founding members of ISOSS. After tea break, the 2nd session started with the lecture on “Importance Of Sampling And Sampling Distributions” by Dr. Shahid Kamal, the principal of College of Statistical and Acturial Sciences, University of Punjab. During this session, the winners of the essay competition briefly presented their essays. The 3rd session started with a lecture by Dr. Khalid Pervaiz, Dean/Head of statistics department at GCU, Lahore. The topic of his lecture was “Probability and Probability Distributions”. The last lecture was on “Official Statistics in Pakistan” by Mr. Shamim Rafique, the director general BOS Punjab.

During the closing ceremony souvenirs were presented to the resource persons and the Vice Chancellor, LCWU. Overall this seminar highly contributed to the enhancement of application of statistics in various fields.