Intermediate College


Leave Rules 

1.         Leave is granted only in case of genuine need. 

2.          Leave up-to three days maximum can be granted in a month. 

3.       Students should apply for leave on medical grounds within a week of falling ill and it must be accompanied by a medical certificate from any government hospital duly verified by the Resident Doctor, LCWU. Leave for more than a month on medical grounds will not be granted. 

4.         The student must write clearly her Roll No, Name, Class, Section and subjects on the leave application, get it signed by parents and submit it to the leave account incharge in case of three days leave, and to the concerned in charge in case of leave for more than three days.   

Attendance rules and schedule of fines for Absence / Misconduct 

The schedule for fines due to absence is as follows: 

1.            Students of Part-I and Part-II must recheck their board registration Form and admission Form before signing. After which office shall not be responsible for any correction from BISE, Lahore. 

2.            A warning (SMS) for the reported month will be issued in the subsequent month to the parents of the students who remain absent in their relevant subjects. 

3.            The students who remain absent in any subject and their attendance is less than 75% will not be allowed to sit for B.I.S.E Exams. 

3.         The students who remain absent during send-up examinations will be fined Rs. 200/- per subject. 

4.         The students who remain absent in co-curricular activities at the turn of their class will be fined Rs. 200/- per function. 

5.         The students may get duplicate I.D. card, Character Certificate and Bus Card after payment of fine Rs. 365/- each. 

6.         The students without I.D. card or without proper uniform, will be fined Rs. 200/- 

7.         Students are expected to be regular, punctual and if a student remains absent from the College for three days in a month, her name will be struck off from the college rolls. If her absence is for genuine reason, the Principal may consider her application for re-admission.  

Important Note:-  

The name of a student will also be struck off the College rolls due to absence, non-payment of dues or rude behavior. She may be allowed re-admission by the Principal. The fee for  readmission will be the admission fee prescribed in the Prospectus. However, readmission can be granted only once.  2nd time readmission, in specific cases, may be granted on payment of full tuition and admission fee.