Gender & Development Studies

Nayab Javed

Nayab Javed
Nayab Javed


Gender & Development Studies
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  • Working as lecturer in Gender and Development Studies, Since March 2018.

  • Worked as Visiting Faculty at Department of Gender Studies, University of the Punjab from September 2014 – March 2018.

Honor and Awards    

  • Got second position (Silver Medal)  in MSc Gender Studies from University of the Punjab, Lahore 

  • Got first position in M.Phil Gender Studies from University of the Punjab, Lahore

  • Got first position (Gold Medal)  in M.ed from University of the Punjab, Lahore

  • Receipt of Faculty Exchange program grant under HEC Funded Project “Strengthening faculties of LCWU”, Visited Department of Gender and Development Studies, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand from March 2019- April 2019.

  • Receipt partially funded course “Gender issues in Global Economy” at Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand from 12 June – 18 June 2019.

  • Receipt of award of HEC Research Scholarship at University of Manchester, UK from October 2019 – March 2020.


  • Member of Board of Studies of Department of Gender Studies , University of the Punjab, Lahore

  • Associate Editor for Journal of Gender and Social Research, LCWU, Lahore

Graduate Students/Postdocs/Undergraduate Students Honour Students

Officially Co-Supervised 2 Graduates

Years                                  Degree                                Name

2018                                      MS                                      Alina

2019    MS       Memona

Service Activity

  • Taught Different Courses
  • Co-Supervising Graduate Research Students
  • Supervising Internships
  • Coordinator of BS(V Semester)
  • Assistant Coordinator for admissions of BS Program

Brief Statement of Research Interest

I am working as lecturer in Gender and Development Studies in Lahore College for Women University, Lahore, Pakistan since March, 2018. Areas of interests are: Women in Politics, Women and Political Parties, Women Political Leadership, Gendered Manifestoes, Gender Quota, Women and Governance, Women Political Empowerment, Political Masculinities, Women and Public Policy, Political Violence, Women and Human Rights, Gender and Global Economy, Gender and Sustainable development, Feminist Research Methodologies.
I am pursuing PhD in Gender Studies since 2015 from University of the Punjab, Lahore Pakistan.. Moreover Would be visiting University of Manchester, UK from October 2019- March 2020 for PhD research.

HEC Approved
  • Malik, R., & Javed, N.,& Rafique, M. (2018). Gender Responsive Budgeting in Education: An analysis of Punjab (2013-14). Pakistan Journal of Gender Studies Vol 17.
  • Malik, R., Javed, N., & Dilshad, M. (2018).Inquiry into gendered teacher student classroom interactions. Pakistan Journal of Education, 35(1), 97- 116.
  • Malik, R., Javed, N., & Qureshi, A.M. (2018).Social learning sites in higher education: needs and challenges. Pakistan Journal of Distance and Online Learning, 4(1), 243-264.
  • Inayat,I., & Javed, N. (2017). Role of colored books in developing interest and strengthing content knowledge in slow learners. Journal of Arts and Social Sciences, 6(1).
  • Javed, N., Inayat, N., Salahudin, A., & Khanam, A. (2016). Voices of In-service teachers about teacher training of Lahore College for Women University. International Journal of Educational Enquiry and Reflection, 1(2).
International Non-Refereed
  • Javed, N., Zafar, A., & Rubab, I. (2014). The status of Women, keeping in View the Verse 4:34. European Academic Research, 2(1): 754-765.
  • Javed, N. (2014). The perceptions and experiences of different modes of hijab among female students at University of the Punjab. European Academic Research, 1(12): 5499-5510.
  • Javed, N., & Nasreen, A. (2013). A Study on Classroom Environment and Learning of the Students at Secondary Level. Journal of Education and Practice, 5(4): 26-31
  • Malik, R., Javed, N., & Ishfaq, K.(2019).Religiosity and Superstitious Beliefs among Women in Punjab. Pakistan Journal of Social Issues.
  • Javed, N., Malik, R., Awan, S. Lived Experiences of Transgender in Pakistan: Social Exclusion & Human Dignity. Journal of Arts and Social Sciences.
  • Javed, N., & Malik, R. Intra-Party Opportunities and Challenges faced by Women Legislators in Punjab. Journal of Political Science.
  • Javed, N., & Malik, R. Gendered Analysis of Party Manifestos in Pakistan. Journal of South Asian Studies.
  • Javed, N., & Malik, Waiting for the Right One: Phenomenological Analysis of Contemporary delayed Matrimonial relationships in Pakistan. Pakistan Journal of Gender Studies.

Other Research or Creative Accomplishments

More than 10 research papers have been presented in different International conferences related to Social Sciences and Gender and Development.
Various trainings and workshops have been successfully completed related to professional development.