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Travel Grant

Travel Grant

Travel Grant for Conferences/ Workshops/ Trainings at International Level

The university faculty and PhD students are also facilitated with the travel grant for Conferences/ Workshops/ Trainings at International Level (Approved from F&P and the syndicate notified vide notification no. Reg/LCWU/5787 dated 5th June, 2017).

Terms & Conditions:

1.    The duration of Conference/ Workshop and Training will be maximum five days.

2.    Registration fees as per actual to maximum 50, 000/-Rs., Air Fare 9Economy Class) as per actual, Accommodation and Daily allowance as per Government and LCWU policy would be given to faculty members attending a Conference/ Workshop and Training.

3.    University employees in teaching cadre and Ph.D scholars can avail a maximum of one Travel Grant within a fiscal year.

4.    The applicant should apply for award to HEC, PHEC or any other funding agency prior to apply in the university. Rejection letter from HEC, PHEC must be attached with application.

5.    The application for the travel grant must be received to the office of Directorate of Research at least 4 weeks before the conference/workshop/training.

6.    Only Oral Presentations as a first author will be considered for the grant.

7.    No-objection certificate from Co -Author/s should be attached.

i.    A maximum of two (02) travel grants will be awarded per Faculty/ Institute for the same conference. However, one Travel Grant is permissible per department for the same conference.

ii.    In case there are more than one applicant from same department, preference will be given to faculty member/scholar who has not availed travel grant during the last two years. In case of tie, the decision will be made by the competent authority.

iii.    The plagiarism report from the focal person of university should be provided with the application.

iv.    The maximum limit of plagiarism should be 10% for the award of travel grant.

v.    In case the Similarity Index is higher than permissible limit, a clarification from the author will be sought before deciding the travel grant.

vi.    While evaluating an application for award of travel grant, following will be the major considerations;

  • Scope of the conference
  • Repute of the organizers
  • Professional standing of invited resource persons and keynote speakers
  • Relevance of the conference with the applicant’s professional career
  • Relevance of the paper with current job description of the applicant
  • Previous presentations in foreign conferences / seminars
  • Research / publication track of the applicant in peer reviewed journals

LCWU Form for Travel Grant