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  • Dr. Zohra Nazir Kayani, Department of Physics attended 2014 world congress on Advances in Civil, Environmental and Material Research (ACEM 14) in Bexco Busan Korea 24-28 August 2014 and presented research paper “Structural and Optical properties of thin films of cobalt oxide”. Her two other papers “Effect of cobalt doping on the structural properties of Hematite thin films and Structural properties of Cr doped Fe2O3 thin films are also included in conference proceedings.    
  • Four Faculty members of Physics department, Mrs. Maryam Fayyaz, Mrs. Afshan Rashid, Ms. Hina Nazili, Mrs. Rabia Safdar Cheema, have achieved  M.S degree in March 2013

  • Dr. Safia Anjum and Dr. Zohra Kayani have been granted the status of HEC approved PhD supervisor

  • Dr. Rehana Zia has been appointed as member board of studies of Kinnard College Lahore

  • Dr. Safia Anjum has been appointed as member board of studies of  University of Engineering and Technology Lahore.

  • Prof. Mrs. Yasmin Ali, Head of department, retired on 13th June 2013

  • Ms. Farhat Iqbal , Associate Prof., retired on 17th June 2013