Faculty of Art & Social Sciences

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Faculty of Art and Social Sciences comprises often disciplines including Applied Psychology, History, Mass Communication, Islamic Studies, Philosophy, Social Work, Home Economics, Political Science. International Relations, Pakistan Studies. Statistics and Education. The Institute of Education is also housed in the FHSS making it one of the largest academic units of the University. The faculty is currently offering M.Phil program in 6 disciplines alongside PhD program in 4 disciplines. The main focus of the Faculty of I lumanities and Social Sciences is to empower learners with professional & technical skills and knowledge in their specific chosen disciplines through interdisciplinary approach. Latest student centered and interactive technology supported teaching approaches and methodologies are adopted to develop critical thinking and creativity among students. The faculty has a. unique mix of foreign and locally qualified highly dedicated team of teachers who arc involved in research and field based projects ensuring that the students acquire knowledge of the latest developments in their fields in all undergraduate and research programs. Hence the students are not only prepared for a specific job marked but develop as active citizens who can respond effectively to the challenges of the highly complex technologically dynamic modem society both in local and global contexts. We educate students to not only pursue careers of their choice but also to become good human beings and responsible citizens.

Dean’s Message

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences offers opportunities unlike many other major colleges/universities. Our aim is to provide broad base knowledge through interdisciplinary approach.  Here we educate students so that not only are they able to pursue careers of their choice but also become good human beings.


Applied Psychology
International Relations
Political Science
Mass Communications
Social Work
Pakistan Studies
Home Economics