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Self-Assessment Procedure (SAP)

Phase I

•    Selection of Departments for Self Assessment (SA).
•    Constitution and Registration of Program Team (PT). PT Registration Form
•    Training of Program Team.
•    Self Assessment Guidelines for Program Team.
•    Conduction of Surveys.
•    Submission of SAR to QEC by PT.
•    Review of SAR by QEC.
•    Final Submission of SAR to QEC.

Phase II

•    Constitution and Registration of Assessment Team (AT). AT Registration Form
•    Training of Assessment Team.
•    Visit of Assessment Team to Department.
•    Submission of AT Report to QEC.
•    Exit Meeting (QEC, Dean, HOD, PT, AT, Faculty).
•    Submission of Executive Summary to VC.
•    Implementation Plan submitted by HOD.
•    Remedial Action undertaken by HOD.

Download this file (Assessment Team Registrartion Form.doc)Assessment Team Registeration Form[Assessment Team Registeration Form]203 Kb
Download this file (Programme Team Registrartion Form.doc)Programme Team Registeration Form[Programme Team Registeration Form]204 Kb