Department of Home Economics


The Department of Home Economics was established in 1975 at LCWU with Nighat Shah as the first Head of the Department. At that time, this subject was offered only at the Intermediate level. Mrs. Anjum Mira joined LCW in 1977 as the next Head of the Department. Under her tenure, the subject was introduced at Bachelors level due to immense interest of the students. After attaining charter, the course was revised and updated. In 2005, a four year degree program of RS (lions.) in Home Economics was introduced under the directions of the Honourable Governor and REC. The syllabus was developed in line with the recommendations of the National Committee for the revised curriculum of HF.C. Mrs. Abida Taint took charge as Head of the Department in 2008. The curriculum was updated in 2011 by Higher Education Commission and approved by Board of Studies in June, 2012. In the year 2012, Mrs. Ishrat Azhar took the charge of department. The new curriculum is currently being taught and inculcated from September 2012.

Learning Objectives

• To provide quality education in the field of Home Economics at Bachelor level through the provision of required facilities and to enable students to compete in the job market and get benefit from it.


• Skilled management enhancing well-being of families.

• The development and efficient use of personal, social and national resources to meet human needs.

• Making individuals as better producers, consumers and contributing members of all institutions.

• Providing opportunities for vocational placement.

• Better professionals with current knowledge.