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Publications of Ms. Sarah Shahed (Head of the Department)

1.National Seminar on “Strengthening, Networking and Review of Current
Programmes and Curricula of Women/ Gender Study Centres/ Departments in Pakistan”. 2005.

2.Identifying and Developing Strategies for Promoting
Gender Equality in Elementary School Curricula and Textbooks:
Provincial Workshop by LCWU& Punjab Textbook Board
Supported by UNESCO Office Islamabad .2004.

3.“PORTRAYAL OF WOMEN IN MEDIA: Portrayal of women in Pakistani
Television”. UNDP PROJECT PAK /96/014. An empirical research. November
2001. 1_145.

4.“Development of a Test for Assessing Acquisition of Science Concepts Among
Secondary School Students”. Journal of Special Education. Vol.1, Issue 1. 1998.

5. “Health Locus of Control of Pakistani Female Immigrants”. Journal of
Behavioral Sciences. Vol. 9. . No 1, 2 .1998. 55- 60. Department of Applied
Psychology, Punjab University.

6. “Psychological Aspects of Genetic Counseling”. The Journal Of Psychology.
No.24. 1997. Department of Psychology, Government College University,

7. “Psychology And The Understanding of Diabetes Mellitus.” Medical Forum.
Vol. 8. No. 12. 1997. 62 -66. Medical Forum.

8. “Methods of Health Education”. Medical Forum. Vol. 8. No. 12. Medical
Forum, Lahore.

9. “The Philosophy Behind Concept Learning”. Al Hikmat. 1996.
43-59.Department of Philosophy, University of the Punjab, Lahore.

10. “Medical Psychology of Britain – Based Pakistani Women.” Mother and Child.Vol. 32. No. 1. 1994. 10-19. Maternity and Child Welfare Association of Pakistan, Lahore.

11. “Pakistan Maen Science Daan Kyoon Paida Nahin Hotay?” Magazine
“Haftah”. 30th May to 5th June 1998 .37-38.