Department of Professional Studies


Degree Programs Offered

Morning + Evening

• B.Ed. Honors ((Elementary) Evening Program

• Post Graduate Diploma in ELT Program

B.ed. Honors (4-year Program) (Elementary)

The four year degree program initiated by HEC/USAID and accredited by NACTE is designed to help prospective teachers achieve the highest quality of teaching as described by the National Professional Standards for Teachers. Moving away from teacher-centered lectures, the new standards promote student-centered learning in Pakistani classrooms. Participants learn how to foster learner-centered, active learning, where teachers guide students in discussion and other interactive activities that make learning more engaging and meaningful. The prospective teachers acquire the knowledge, skills, and dispositions they need to help sustain good classroom practices.

Highlights of the Degree

• The four-year B.Ed. (Hons.) program is a 135 credit hours' course and is composed of eight semesters of 16-18 weeks each

• The new scheme of studies emphasizes practice teaching. Fifteen credit-hours are exclusively included to promote practictm and practical work in the new program

• National Curriculum Review Committee (NCRC) under HEC has prepared the standardized format of four-year Bachelor in Education Degree (Hons.) with consultation of provincial education departments, universities, colleges and curriculum experts

Eligibility Criteria

• A minimum of twelve years of schooling (FA/FSc/A Level and or other equivalent degree).

Duration: 4 years

Total Credit Hours: 135 CR

Evening Program ( ELT)

Post-Graduate Diploma in English Language Teaching (ELT)

The program aims to extend the understanding of the new language teacher, with no prior experience, by furnishing them with a repertoire of class room practices in the area of language teaching, embedded in strong theoretical foundation. For the experienced teachers, it provides opportunities to critique their own practices and equip them with the current practices in the realm of language teaching.

Eligibility Criteria

• Students who have completed sixteen years of education A 'M Sc. or 4-years BS are eligible to apply for this program.