Director’s Message

Initially, the Department of Fine Arts was established by Miss Naseem Hafeez Qazi in 1955. Since then it has procured a large number of leading female teachers in the field of Art and Design . It has been upgraded to an independent institution in 2012, with the establishment of six Departments
  • Research Center Art and Design
  • Textile Design Department
  • Visual Arts Department
  • Interior Design Department
  • Graphic Design Department
  • Craft and Textile Design Department (Jhang Campus)
All these departments aim to impart and disseminate skill and knowledge, which is required in the contemporary world of art, which helps us to meet with international criteria and capability.
Institute fosters research and spread knowledge and skills among faculty members. We have developed a team of highly qualified teachers and academic leaders. All teachers act like facilitators to positively impart student’s achievements.

We shape up minds and prepare our students to be a globally accepted talent. Institute tries its best to facilitate and offers plenty of opportunities to the students for making them active professionals nationally and internationally. Empowerment of young females is our main concern. We want them to explore new dimensions through their technical skills and visual vocabulary. 

We also encourage faculty and students to pick up sufficient information and chances, which are suitable for internationalization and specialization. The utmost goal of this institution is to help Lahore College for Women University for meeting the criteria of a top ranking institution.

Institute of Design & Visual Arts
Lahore College for Women University
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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.