Learning Objectives

We encourage our Visual Artists to paint something innovative and creative. The students learn traditional and modern techniques / methods of Painting but on the other hand our Designers play vital role in the field of Textile, Graphic and Interior  Design. Our objective is to prepare the graduates for an active design role in the industry – while keeping an eye on tomorrow’s human needs for responsible design environments. We are focused on professional education and in the process of creating professional designers who will take into account our heritage and history, engaging with the realities of today as they design for tomorrow. Our degrees offer a careful balance between studio and academic programs that provide our graduates skills and knowledge relevant to contemporary creative practice.  Aim of the Institute of Design and Visual Arts is to promote an understanding among the arts and different modern forms of design that include Textile Design, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Photography, Multimedia Design, Video Production and various other fields of Visual Arts and Art history from thumbnail to finish form.