Institute of Design and Visual Arts

Institute of Design & Visual Arts

Lahore College for Women University shares a glorious history of academic education for being one of the largest female educational Institution of Asia that was given the status of a University in 2002 but was established as a College in 1922. It has played an integral role for the development of new and advance departments that are fostering modern trends of education and research. The Fine Arts Department of LCWU established by Naseem Hafeez Qazi was transformed into Institute of Design and Visual Arts in 2012 with the addition of professional subjects of Art and Design for widening the parameters of experience and professional training in order to meet the modern trends of art education. This Institute aims to impart professional skills and essential knowledge required in the contemporary millennia and encourages the creative abilities of students. The institute is successfully running degree courses in Visual Arts, Graphic Design, Textile Design and Interior Design at the Lahore Campus and degree course in Textile and Craft Design at Jhang Campus. Research Center Art and Design accommodates students of all disciplines of Art and Design after 16 years education and offers MS/MFA and Phd in Fine Arts with their relevant area of specialization.


Our vision is to make the Institute of Design and Visual Arts, LCWU, a top ranking Art Institution in Pakistan and among the best in the world. The strategic vision of the Institute of Design and Visual Arts is to foster educational excellence through the different fields of Art. This vision is carried out by the teaching faculty of the Institute, through artistry engagements and scholarly contribution in the field of research. The Vision builds on the core values of the university that contributes to the educational experience and embrace scholarly teaching and creative work.


The mission is to involve and strengthen the students, faculty and alumni through creative artistic approach and scholarly research programs.
The mission is to strengthen the art and culture among the local community and develop the traditions of this Institute through innovative art practices. Naseem Hafeez Qazi Art Galllery in the Institute aims to provide a platform to the young and energetic female students of all five departments of the Institute to display their thought provoking art works. A number of successful workshops and short courses in different fields of Art and Design have also been arranged here to enhance faculty student interface

Learning Objectives

We encourage our Visual Artists to paint something innovative and creative. The students learn traditional and modern techniques / methods of Painting but on the other hand our Designers play vital role in the field of Textile, Graphic and Interior  Design. Our objective is to prepare the graduates for an active design role in the industry – while keeping an eye on tomorrow’s human needs for responsible design environments. We are focused on professional education and in the process of creating professional designers who will take into account our heritage and history, engaging with the realities of today as they design for tomorrow. Our degrees offer a careful balance between studio and academic programs that provide our graduates skills and knowledge relevant to contemporary creative practice.
Aim of the Institute of Design and Visual Arts is to promote an understanding among the arts and different modern forms of design that include Textile Design, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Photography, Multimedia Design, Video Production and various other fields of Visual Arts and Art history from thumbnail to finish form.

Director’s Message

Initially, the Department of Fine Arts was established by Miss Naseem Hafeez Qazi in 1955. Since then it has procured a large number of leading female teachers in the field of Art and Design . It has been upgraded to an independent institution in 2012, with the establishment of six Departments
  • Research Center Art and Design
  • Textile Design Department
  • Visual Arts Department
  • Interior Design Department
  • Graphic Design Department
  • Craft and Textile Design Department (Jhang Campus)
All these departments aim to impart and disseminate skill and knowledge, which is required in the contemporary world of art, which helps us to meet with international criteria and capability.
Institute fosters research and spread knowledge and skills among faculty members. We have developed a team of highly qualified teachers and academic leaders. All teachers act like facilitators to positively impart student’s achievements.

We shape up minds and prepare our students to be a globally accepted talent. Institute tries its best to facilitate and offers plenty of opportunities to the students for making them active professionals nationally and internationally. Empowerment of young females is our main concern. We want them to explore new dimensions through their technical skills and visual vocabulary. 

We also encourage faculty and students to pick up sufficient information and chances, which are suitable for internationalization and specialization. The utmost goal of this institution is to help Lahore College for Women University for meeting the criteria of a top ranking institution.

Institute of Design & Visual Arts
Lahore College for Women University
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