Faculty of Engineering & Technology

Faculty of Engineering & Technology

In this era of Science and Technology, survival of a nation is conditionel with advancement in the Fields of Engineering and Technology. Our country is facing many problems due to energy crisis and lack of planning. it should be our prior responsibility to take out of this miserable phenomenon through practical contributions. information Technology, Computer Science are need of the day while Mathematics, being mother of all sciences, provides the solution in every field of Science as well as Engineering Sciences. LCWU aim is to equip our youth with knowledge and techniques in a scientific spirit and lead them to the brighter paths for future.

Dean’s Message

Faculty of Engineering and Technology at Lahore College for Women University Lahore is the largest faculty nationwide in providing high quality STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education and research opportunities exclusively to women.
The faculty currently comprises of the Departments of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, City Regional Planning, Architecture and Mathematics which are conducting meaningful research in multiple areas of engineering and applied sciences. We are home to over 500 undergraduate students, 100 graduate students at the Master and PhD levels and 50 faculty members who are committed to offering students a unique learning experience that combine pursuit of academic excellence, research opportunities and hands on skills using state of the art hardware equipment and software tools.
My vision for LCWU Engineering and Technology is to establish it as the preeminent center for teaching, research and entrepreneurship in the world. We will inshallah expand our research enterprise to address our nation’s most difficult and pressing technological problems.
I am very excited about the future of faculty of engineering and technology at LCWU, and I look forward to working with our students, faculty, alumni and friends to lead our faculty to new heights.


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Computer Science
City and Regional Planning
Electrical Engineering