Faculty of Art & Social Sciences

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences comprises 18 disciplines including Applied Psychology, Economics, History, Home Economics, International Relations, Mass Communication, Pakistan Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Social Work, Statistics, Research Center of Arts & Design, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Textile Design, Visual Arts, Gender & Development Studies, and Sociology. Two Institutes i.e., Institute of Design & Visual Arts, and Ruth Pfau Women Institute for Leadership & Learning are also part of this faculty. This faculty is also offering M.Phil and Ph.D. programs in many disciplines. The main focus of the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences is to empower learners with professional & technical skills and knowledge in their specific chosen disciplines through interdisciplinary approaches. Latest student centered and interactive technology supported teaching approaches and methodologies are being adopted to develop critical thinking and creativity among students. The faculty has a unique mix of foreign and domestically qualified highly dedicated team of teachers who are involved in research and field based projects ensuring that the students acquire knowledge & skills of the most recent developments in their fields. Hence the students are not only prepared for a specific job market but to be an active citizens who can respond effectively to the challenges of the highly complexed technologically dynamic modem society both in local and global contexts.

Dean’s Message

Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, Lahore College for Women University, Lahore offers opportunities like many other universities of the world. This faculty comprises of 18 Departments and two Institutes opens avenues distinguishing from many other universities. All of the administrative and academic matters relating to the faculty and students in these Departments and Institutes are being routed and supervised by the Dean’ Office. This faculty is a magnificent combination of diverse disciplines and multitude of talents. Our students are vibrant for education with innovative thoughts to develop sound communication skills and problem-solving approach in order to face emerging challenges in society. M.Phil and Ph.D. programs were designed to flourish the culture of research. We believe in advancing more inter-disciplinary, collaborative and social engagement to empower the faculty and students with profound seriousness and overarching competence. We are determined to prepare our students as responsible citizens endeavoring for better future. Our aim is to continue best quality education under all circumstances as we experienced during Covid-19 pandemic. We envision equipping our Departments and Institutes with modern technological advancements necessary to compete with other leading universities of the world. This is all possible with the cooperation and enthusiasm of our well-qualified, well-organized and efficient faculty members and staff.


Applied Psychology
International Relations
Political Science
Mass Communications
Social Work
Pakistan Studies
Home Economics

Institute of Design & Visual Arts

Research Center of Arts & Design
Textile Design
Graphic Design
Visual Arts
Interior Design

Ruth Pfau Women Institute for Leadership & Learning

The mission of Ruth Pfau Women Institute for Leadership & Learning is to impart goal directed, job oriented and skill-based education to our young females. LCWU educate our students with the motto "Enter to learn, leave to lead". Since the international and multinational job market is approaching close to our doorsteps, we as the citizens of a developing part of the world need to adopt a more realistic, proactive, and gender balanced approach towards the education of the youth. It is the need of the day that our women turn into economically viable units of the society. Ruth Pfau Women Institute for Leadership & Learning has gradually and persistently made concrete moves towards the attainment of our mission. The most significant development has been a three-year partnership, worth one million US dollars, with George Washington University, U.S.A. This partnership has made possible a number of achievements and endeav-ors including faculty and student exchange, curriculum development, training of trainers, collaborative research, scholarly writing, and cultural exposure. WILL is looking forward to developing more linkages with top Universities of the devel-oped countries.


Gender & Development Studies