Department of Arabic


Arabic is the chosen language of Allah as well as the native mother tongue of more than 422 million people around the world. It is official language of more than 22 independent countries.  Arabic language is exceptionally rich and truly an international language as it is on the list of United Nations languages for communication.
The Department of Arabic is one of the oldest departments in LCWU. It was established in 1950 by Mrs. Jamila Anwar.Other heads of Arabic department include Dr. Ms. Kaniz Fatima Yousaf, Ms. Syeda Karamat, Dr. Ms. Zakia Abdul Hakim, Ms. A. H. Salahuddin, Mrs. Kishwar Zaman and Dr. Mrs. Khadija Sarfraz.
The department has been teaching Arabic as elective subject at F.A level, as minor and compulsory subject at BS level and as foreign language in BSCS, Further more in 2011 by the grace of Almighty Allah the department has started BS 4 year degree program in Arabic. The Department has also academic collaboration and has signed LoI with “INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY OF MALAYSIA’’ in 2019.The salient features of this LoI is to collaborate in academic and research areas, access to available research facilities and training for the post graduate students, exchange of information and resources, promotion of joint publication and other scholar communications. Now the department intends to start MS Arabic in near future In Sha ALLAH.