Department of City and Regional Planning


Pakistan Society of City and Regional Planners (PSoCaRP):

Pakistan Society of City and Regional Planners (PSoCaRP) was formulated in December, 2012 by the faculty and students of BS and MS City and Regional Planning, Lahore College for Women University. It is a society at institutional level with a promise to make the cities a better place to live in.

It works at the University level to promote city and regional planning, generate ideas related to development of sustainable cities and disaster risk reduction. It conducts seminars about planning, in collaboration with the best planning organizations of the country. The society is engaged in activities such as tree plantation in the University.

President: Annum Saeed

General Secretary: Saher Safder

Vice President: Shehla Muzammal

Finance Secretary: Ruhma Amir

Media Secretary: Tehreem Fatima

Social Secretary: Fatima Ashfaq