Department of Mass Communication


We offer research oriented and professional courses to produce women media professionals;

The core objectives are to:

l  Work as a platform which provides students hands on experience to explore and enhance their potentials and capabilities.

l  Meet the demands of industry, while training young and aspiring women journalists for different fields of Mass Media by offering Specializations in three different sequences i.e. Digital media, Broadcast media, Advertising and Public Relations.

l  Support the creation of socially responsible media by producing media professionals with a clear understanding of Media Laws and Ethics.

l  Provide an intellectual environment for students to think critically about issues related to mass media including social media at the regional, national, and global levels.

l  Provide an understanding of the importance of personal and mediated intercultural interaction as an avenue to succeed in a multicultural society.

l  Establish network of stakeholders in media industry, development sector and other eminent educational institutions through MOUs and joint ventures.

l  Provide training opportunities to future journalists, mid-carrier academia and civil society organizations.

l  Provide a broad understanding of the role of communication and mass media in society.

l  Offer services to the community through workshops, seminars, and media facilities i.e. Web TV and FM radio