Department of Mathematics


Applications of Computational Mathematics in STEM Disciplines

June 4, 2014: A visit of experts from USA and LUMS was arranged by Department of Mathematics and DFDI. The team included two experts from universities of USA , and two professors from LUMS,

  • Prof. Dr. Usman from University of Dayton whose areas of interest are Numerical Analysis, Mathematical Biology, Nonlinear PDEs and Applications, Scientific Computing,  Analytical Mechanics
  • Prof. Dr. Kazim Khan from University of Kent state who is active researcher in Applied Statistics, Communication and Networking, Mathematical Finance, Optimal designs of experiments, Stochastic Methods in Approximation Theory, Analysis and Summability Theory.
  • Prof. Dr. Faqir Muhammad Bhatti from LUMS
  • Prof. Dr. Sultan Siyal from LUMS

Dr. Usman delivered a talk on “Applications of Computational Mathematics in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Disciplines”, which was attended by faculty from LUMS, students and faculty of Department of Mathematics, LCWU. His lecture covered several mathematical models originated from phenomena in nature, whose analytical solutions do not exist. In order to predict the behaviour of the system these models must be solved numerically. He presented many interesting applications of computational mathematics and modeling in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. He also talked about the different types of error like truncation and round-off errors.

Elementary Group Theory and its Applications

A lecture on “Elementary Group Theory and its Applications” was arranged by Mathematical Society of LCWU. Prof. Dr. Ghulam Qanber Abbasi from Virtual University, Lahore, was the invited speaker. He is an expert of Algebra and worked on various positions including Dean Advisor and Acting Director (COMSATS). He visited various countries including Australia, China, Japan, Italy, Indonesia, Iran, Hong Kong, Russia and Singapore for Ph.D, Post. Doc. & various fellowships. He attended many International workshops & conferences as presenter.
His lecture started with basic concepts of group theory and afterwards he explained how groups are involved in practical life. Lecture was attended by faculty and students of Mathematics, which proved to be very informative and beneficial for all.

A Lecture on Ramsey Theory

A lecture arranged by Mathematical Society on Ramsey Theory.

Date: 27-11-2013

Speaker: Prof Dr. Hussnaine who is a professor in Mathematics department FAST.