Department of Mathematics


Mrs. Saima Nazir

Mrs. Saima Nazir, Lecturer, Department of Mathematics, LCWU, who is doing her Ph.D. under the supervision of Dr. Imrana Kousar ( associate professor in Department of Mathematics, LCWU) has successfully published her four research papers, three of which are published in ISI approved International journals whose titles are “ Radio number for prism related graphs D_n^*” , “Multi level distance labeling for the graphs having diameter equal to diameter of cyclic”, and  “Multi level distance labeling for prism related graphs D_n^p” and one is published in HEC indexed journal entitled as “Radio number for generalized Peterson related graphsP(n,2).

Ms. Sadia Khalid

Ms. Sadia Khalid, Lecturer Department of Mathematics, LCWU has successfully defended her thesis entitled “refinements of Jensen-Steffensen and Related Inequalities” to receive her Ph.D degree. She completed her Ph.D. from Abdus Salam School of Mathematical Sciences, GCU, Lahore under the supervision of Prof. Dr. JosipPecaricin April, 2014.

Mrs. Shabana Zain

Mrs. Shabana Zain, Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics successfully completed her MS Mathematics under faculty development program. She received gold medal in convocation held in March, 2014. She completed her MS research project under the supervision of Dr. Imrana Kousar who is associate professor in Department of Mathematics.


Under faculty development program, in 2013, two of the faculty members completed their PhD from University of the Punjab whose names are

1.    Miss Misbah Irshad

2.    Mrs Tahira Sumbal Shaikh

And following two completed MS from LCWU

1.    Mrs Shazia Tariq

2.    Mrs Shabana Zain