Department of Punjabi

COD's Message

I take this pride to welcome you to the department of Punjabi. Punjabi is Indo-Aryan language being spoken in western India and eastern Pakistan. To my knowledge Punjabi is the biggest regional language in Pakistan spoken by the inhabitants of Punjab province.

Punjabi language department comes under the umbrella of Faculty of Languages and Cultures, Lahore College for Women University-Lahore. It is working hard to promote this local language by running different courses on the subject. Currently it has the range of courses on its list from F.A to Ph.D levels. The Punjabi department is one of the best departments in the university with highly qualified faculty and famous for its research and cultural activities.

Punjabi department always strives to acquaint students with latest knowledge on the language, literature and culture. Since Punjabi language is rich and famous for its literature; the work of sufi poets on Punjabi is particularly admirable. Therefore we also equip students with modern research tools and techniques so that they would be able to contribute in modern literature.

Dr. Mujahida Butt
Chairperson of the Department