Department of Statistics


The subject of statistics is not only multidisciplinary, it is also multidimensional as it is widely put to use in almost all physical and applied sciences. In our everyday life we face such situations where statistics can be applied and helps us in our decision making. Statistics benefits all of us because we are able to predict the future based on data we have previously gathered. Being able to predict the future it not only changes our lifestyle but also helps us to be more efficient and effective. It can be applied in almost any situation and can always help. Statistics is used in analyzing many social and economic phenomena, marketing research, behavioral studies in physical and natural sciences.

Statistics was introduced at Lahore College for Women as a subject in 1962, with the first class comprising 3 students only, classes in the subject at bachelor level commenced in 1964 with only 11 students. Currently more than 1000 students of under graduate and graduate level are being benefited by Statistics Department. The number of students opting to study statistics at both intermediate and bachelor level has increased significantly over the years on account of its wide application in various fields. It has become natural choice of students as it provides them with the exposure essentially needed in different fields of study, thus adequately preparing them for the job market. The study of subject is career oriented and crucial to planning of social development. The courses offered at Statistics department are aimed at producing highly educated researchers motivated to contribute in the economic and social development of Pakistan.

Seminars, lectures, research talks, quizzes and poster competitions are regularly arranged for BS and MS students. These lectures assist them in deciding topic for their final year project/thesis. The following heads of the Statistics Department have contributed towards the development of a well-established Statistics department at LCWU:

Mrs. Zubaida Shami
Mrs. Zohra Bashir
Mrs. Khalida Afzal
Ms. Zahra Majid
Dr. Ayesha Roohi
Dr. Naila Amjad 
Ms. Mahnaz Makhdum 
Dr. Asifa Kamal (Current Chairperson of Department)