Faculty Development & Internationalisation


At LCWU we stress greatly on training and development of  faculty so that they are able to provide excellence in higher education to our students. At the same time we are concerned with Quality Assurance and sustainability of Quality. Therefore we have incorporated Faculty Development as an integral part of QEC. This merger allows both QEC and DFDI to work in consultation with one another. QEC makes assessments and DFDI arranges trainings, workshops and seminars for Quality Enhancement and Faculty Development. Active Participations of faculty in National and International conferences is encouraged so as to infuse the spirit of intellectual growth and development. The Directorate of faculty Development and Internationalization was established in 2011. DFDI comprises faculty Development Centre and International Resource Centre. LCWU is working for coming at par with top 500 international universities. And the combined efforts of QEC and DFDI will accelerate the process.