Department of Electrical Engineering


In order to provide job/internship opportunities for students the following MOUs have been established through ORIC which is being supervised by one of the DEE faculty member as a Director.

Table.  MOU details

Sr. No.

Industry Partner



Innovators Garage

Innovation and entrepreneurship programs

Startup World-Cup Pakistan


Punjab Institute of Cardiology

Cooperative and collaborative student internship program

Student research projects and educational programs

Synergistic activities


Center for Global Innovators

Development of entrepreneurial ecosystem

Achievement of sustainable development goals


Premier Energy


Sharing of knowledgebase, database, human resource, conducting trainings and workshops

Setting up of solar labs for the practical training of engineering Students


Chughtai Lab

15% Cash discount for employees and students at Chughtai Lab


Institute of Career Development

Cooperation between the academicians

Help attracting the academics from good ranking international Universities

Organizing recruitment seminars of international universities for LCWU faculty and students.


Women Chamber of Commerce


Promotion of Industrial-Academia Linkage

Collaboration on various skills and development programs

Collaboration for industrial and economic growth of region

Arrangement of joint events including seminars/ workshops/ symposium/ exhibition for academia, industry and stakeholders


Virtual University


Collaboration in research projects

Joint conference, seminars, workshops, and other such activities.

Access to research laboratories and facilities

Sharing of academic data, publications and information