Department of Environmental Sciences


Advances in Molecular Biology of Plants and Health Sciences

Faculty members of the Department of Environmental sciences have always been on the forefront for the training of their student in the field research. Due to that reason our student are always appreciated at international forum. One of such bright students, Sana Khalid/MSAES, participated in 2nd International Symposium on "Advances in Molecular Biology of Plants and Health Sciences" held on 23rd November, 2017 at Centre of Excellence in Molecular Biology (CEMB), Lahore, Pakistan. She presented her research work in a poster competition entitled “Efficacy of grass species to remove phosphate from water samples and won 2nd prize.


On 3rd November, 2017, Environmental Science Department organized an event on the theme of “Tayyar Pakistan” in collaboration with Provincial Disaster Management Authority and Rescue 1122 at Lahore College for Women University, Lahore. An awareness walk was arranged to sensitize the masses on emergency response practices. Prof. Dr. Uzma Qureshi , Vice Chancellor of Lahore college for women university, Dr. Nisar Ahmad (Project Manager PDMA) and Dr. Hameed Ullah Malik (Project Director PDMA), students and faculty members from different department of campus participated in this walk to show their solidarity with this cause . After walk, Seminar was started in which the experts for disaster management from governmental sector, Dr. Rizwan Naseer (Director General Rescue 1122), Dr. Nisar Ahmad (Project Manager PDMA) and Dr. Hameed Ullah Malik (Project Director PDMA) were invited to speak about the importance of learning the emergency response actions at individual level. All these experts’ highlighted steps how to protect ourselves during the emergency situation. In this seminar, student of BS from Environmental Science Department presented skit, documentary and poems on the theme of fire, earthquake, flood and disaster to aware about the actions needed to rescue during the emergency situation. Their effort was highly appreciated by guest, faculty and students. In the end of seminar, Prof. Dr. Tahira Aziz Mughal chairperson of Environmental Science Department paid vote of thanks to honorable guests, teachers, students the all participants for their valuable information. In the presence of all guests, student had convent that they will play important role to protect their environment from disasters. Moreover, at the end of the program all participants have slogan “we are rescuers”, shows the expression of commitment that they will prepare themselves to be skilled enough to help others during any disastrous situation.

IEIP Training

A Final session of IEIP training of students from the Department of Environmental Sciences was held on 26th October, 2017. Hereby BSES 4th, 6th and 8th semester students participated in the program and it was arranged by WWF-Pakistan. The training was done completed in four sessions, all took place throughout 2017. The trainers from WWF-Pakistan included Mr. Usman Ijaz (coordinator Youth development Programme), Mr. Haris Tauqeer (officer YDP) and Mr Imran Rabbani (Project Officer YDP), who were expert in their areas and they taught students professional gadgets to conserve the environment and protect it from deterioration, which Pakistan is going through in current era. Finally posters displayed by the participants were judged by Mr. Mujtaba Abbas, Senior Project officer ILES and prizes were distributed among the highest scorers. Final soveniors were given to the organisers by respected Chairperson of the department, Prof. Dr. Tahira Aziz Mughal

World Food Day

Environmental Science Department celebrated World Food Day in collaboration with ECO and CSR Department WAPDA on 20th Oct, 2016 . The program encompassed a debate competition on the theme , “Climate change and food security” and poster competition. The Chief guests of the day were Prof. Dr. Kausar Jamal Cheema, Mr. Awn Mehdi, CSR department WAPDA, Dr. Sultan Mehmood, Head of environmental division, Engineering Consultancy Services Punjab, Dr. Saamia Saif, Executive Director ECO, Dr..Asim Mehmood, Director ECO and Dr Amir Zahoor Khan, MD/ senior trainer and consultant Exelon management consultants..

The Guests highly appreciated the efforts made by the students of BSES regarding poster and debate competition. The various dignitaries shared their views and knowledge regarding food security and climate change. The winners of both the competitions were announced and prized with cash and certificates.


Prof. Dr. Arifa Tahir (HOD), Dr. Numrah Nisar (Assistant Prof.) and Ms. Hina Chaudhry (Lecturer) Environmental Science Department, Lahore College for Women University, Lahore, have been awarded with shields and certificate of participation for the scientific work presented at ISESCO Women in Science Conference: Contribution of Pakistani Women in Scientific and Social Development, (March 8th, 2016), organized by ISESCO Women in Science Chair Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan in collaboration with The Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) Pakistan Council for Science and Technology (PCST) Biochemists Association QAU, Islamabad (BAQI) and Higher Education Commission (HEC).

Details of scientific abstracts and posters accepted and published at ISESCO Women in Science Conference: Contribution of Pakistani Women in Scientific and Social Development, are as follows:

  1. Shelf life enhancement of packed meat using local plant extracts

Authors: Arifa Tahir and Dania Taqi

  1. Distribution and migration patterns of plants in northern irrigated plains of Pakistan in response to climate change

Authors: Arifa Tahir and Sidrah Minhas

  1. Enhanced cadmium accumulation and nutrient acquisition in Triticum aestivum and Avena sativa grown in phosphorous fertilized soil

Authors: Numrah Nisar, Hina Chaudhry, Zaira Ahmad, Fakhira Aslam, Zahra Asghar, Saima Atif and Arifa Tahir

  1. Heat related disorders in employees of oil terminal, Machike

Authors: Hina Chaudhry, Numrah Nisar and Sidra Naz


Environmental Science Department, Lahore College for Women University (LCWU), organized a three day International Conference on the theme of “Climate Change and Sustainable Development” (28-30 January, 2016) at LCWU, Lahore. The conference was jointly organized by LCWU, University College London (UCL), UK and Environmental Consultancies and Options (ECO) as an activity of the Higher Education Link between Environmental Science Department of LCWU and University College London, UK under INSPIRE-Transnational Education Partnership Programme (managed by The British Council). Professor Dr. Kausar Jamal Cheema of LCWU and Dr. Sarah J. Bell of UCL, London are the link partners. The conference as attended by more than one hundred and fifty delegates from where walks of life. Prof. Dr. Kausar J. Cheema (LCWU), Dr. Sarah Bell (UCL), Dr. Parvez Hassan (Climate Change Commission), Mr. Kavin McLaven (Director British Council), Mr. Iqbal Muhammad Chauhan (Secretary Environment, Punjab), Dr. Javed Iqbal (DG, EPA Punjab), Dr. Ejaz Ahmad (WW-F, Pakistan), Mr. Aqrab Raana, Mr. AonMehdi, Dr. Farkhanda Manzoor, Mr. Asim Mehmood, Mr. Rafay Alam, Dr. Saamia Saif, Mr. Almas Haider and Dr. Sajid Rashid Ahmad were among the key note speakers.

The overall objective of the conference was to establish a forum for dialogue, enhance awareness raising, mobilize effective commitment and actions through bringing together government and non-governmental organizations, policy makers, academicians and practicing stakeholder with the aim of effectively mainstreaming climate change concerns into development policies, strategies, programs and practices in Pakistan. It involved deliberations on existing policies and knowledge concerning development and climate change issues in Pakistan especially in the context of post COP-21. Delegates shared experiences, best practices and lessons learned in mainstreaming climate change concerns into development policies and practices to lay down specific requirements/opportunities for industries in post COP-21 scenario. The conference and workshop identified mechanisms for sustained sharing of knowledge on climate change and development in Pakistan for building and strengthening strategic alliances and partnerships to further Pakistan’s climate change agenda. The conference sstimulated and facilitated long-term communication and cooperation for knowledge sharing, research, policy and practice nexus for effective contribution towards mainstreaming of climate change options in local and national level for sustainable development. The main themes of the conference were; COP-21 (Pakistan Perspective), Climate Change and Development, Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security, Climate Change, Mitigation and Adaptations, Disaster Management and Planning, Energy, Environment and Climate Change: Issues and Strategies, Communicating Climate Change, Health and Climate Change, Urban Development Planning, Waste Management and Energy Recovery, Water Resource Management and Biological Conservation

Green Tech Quiz

Green Tech Quiz was organized by UET Lahore on 31st April, 2014. Nationwide universities were invited at the forum for the competition. Rukhsar Muzaffar and Kousar Roshan from Environmental science department, LCWU Lahore stood out at 4th position.

Plant a Tree for Better Tomorrow

Environmental Science department, Lahore College for Women University, Lahore organized an event on 29th April, 2014 to provoke the importance of tree plantation. The chief guest of the event was Prof. Dr. Sabiha Mansoor (Vice Chancellor, LCWU). The event was participated by valuable guests from the university and Public sector institutes.

The valuable participants included Dr. Akmal Rahim (Punjab Forestry Department, Lahore), Prof. Dr. Bushra Khan (Dean of Science, HOD Chemsitry, LCWU), Prof. Dr. K. J. Cheema (Director research), Prof. Dr. Arifa Tahir (HOD Env SCince dept.), Dr. Farah Khan (HOD Botany, LCWU), Mrs Sabhi Fazal (HOD Zoology, LCWU), Dr. Kausar Malik, Dr. Farkhanda Manzoor, Dr. Tasneem Farasat and faculty and students of environmental sciences.

Clear Water and Healthy Life

Environmental Science department, Lahore College for Women University, Lahore organized a seminar on 10th April, 2014. The seminar was organized to enhance the awareness regarding the importance of clean water and possible pollution threats. The event was chaired by Prof. Dr. Arifa Tahir (HOD), where she informed the students about the current posit

World Forest Day

Department of Environmental Science Lahore College for Women University, Lahore students were invited to celebrate world's Forest day at Jallo park by Punjab Forestry Department on 21st March, 2014. The event was chaired by Provincial Secretary Forest Department Gen. (R) Javed Akber.

DFO Punjab Forestry Department, Dr. Akmal Rahim addressed the importance of forest day and our necessity to have green lungs for better environment. Dr. Nadia Ghani from LCWU spoke about the importance of clean environment and our future strategy of sustainable tree cultivation. The event finalized with the vote of thanks from organizer and certificate distribution ceremony.

“Water Awareness Day”

Environmental Science Department, Lahore College for Women University (LCWU) in collaboration with Water Care Services Pakistan (WCSP) celebrated ‘Water Awareness Day’ on 17th March 2014, on the occasion of “ WORLD WATER DAY-2014”.

The theme of this year’s World Water Day is “Water and Energy”. Students and faculty from various departments of LCWU attended the seminar. The keynote speaker, Professor Dr. Arifa Tahir (Head ofEnvironmental Science Department) emphasized on the need of interlinking water and energy as both depend on each other and cannot be discussed and developed separately. While reporting the situation of THAR she said 30 percent drop in rainfall has pushed the residents into extreme poverty or malnutrition. She said that if we do not create awareness about water conservation, famine can travel to other areas. She further added that research work in Environmental Science Department focuses on water issues.

The chief guest for the event was Prof. Dr. Rakhshanda Nawaz , (Faculty Environmental Science Department) who graced the occasion and shared her thoughts with the participants. The resource persons from WCSP, Mr. Abdul A. Khurram (Executive Director WCSP), Mr. ShaukatAzeem, Mr Mohsin Raza (Director WCSP) and Mr. Yasir Nawaz addressed the audience and shared their views as well as the indigenously produced environmental friendly products for sanitary cleaning along with fruit and vegetable cleaners.

The concept of “Water Shops” was also the highlight of this seminar. The organizing committee constituted of Dr. Tayyaba Asim, Mrs Amina Abrar, Mrs Fakhra Aslam and Ms Rabia shehzadi. This was a wonderful event which came to an end with the distribution of certificates among the participants.

Two Days Seminar

The Department of Environmental Sciences, LCWU, arranged a two days seminar based on the students' experiences after 3 months of internship as part of their course. Dr Numrah Nisar, class incharge of MS( session 2012-14) organized this seminar. The evaluation was done by Col. Mumtaz Hussain, director National Foundation for Environmental Education and Research and chief executive The environ Associates, and Ms. Shazia, Assistant Director EPD. The head of department, Dr. Arifa Tahir appreciated students efforts in successfully conducting this part of their course and sharing useful knowledge. The activity was highly appreciated as a good conduct towards professional life for future graduates.

A Lecture on Forest Protection and Environmental Conservation

A special lecture entitled Forest Protection and Environmental Conservation was arranged by Environmental Science Department on 9th December, 2013 at Student Service Centre, Lahore College for Women University. Dr. M. Akmal Rahim Syed, the Conservator of Forest, was invited from Forest Department Punjab to share valuable information with students in this regard. In his lecture, he enlightened the current status of forest in Pakistan, major threats to forests, causes of deforestation and sustainable practices of reforestation and afforestation being used in Pakistan.

He also appreciated the effort of Environment Science Department for bridging the gap between Educational Institutes and Government Sectors through conducting these kinds of lectures. Following up, Dr. Arifa Tahir, Head of Environmental Science Department also talked about the alarming rate of deforestation and its dreadful impacts on climatic change. She also emphasized on the need to conduct awareness program to sensitize the youth to play their role in afforestation.


Seminar on “Fermentation Technology”

Department of Environmental Science, LCWU organized one day seminar on “Fermentation Technology” on Monday 2nd December 2013. The invited speaker was Dr. Shahjahan Baig, who is a well-known Biotechnologist (Ex. Chief Scientific Officer) from PCSIR, Laboratories Complex, Lahore.

He delivered part of his valuable knowledge on Fermentation technology and mentioned that Technology actually encompasses a broad field but within this profile we target the use of microorganisms and/or enzymes for production of compounds that find application in the energy, chemical, material, pharmaceutical and food sector. It is a metabolic process converting sugar to acids, gases and/or alcohol. Fermentation is also used much more broadly to refer to the bulk growth of microorganisms on a growth medium.

Students of MS and BS also attended this knowledgeable seminar.

Earth Day (25th April, 2013)

Students and faculty members of environmental science department celebrated earth day by forming a Human Chain in the campus to highlight the need for the protection of nature. Students were determined to show the world the face of climate change and they called on volunteers and leaders to work together. DCO Rizwan Mahboob was the chief guest of the occasion. Dr. Sarah Bell from University College London, UK also joined as the special guest. Green and blue caps were distributed among the students and faculty to mark the day.

Climate Change and Environmental Degeneration

Environmental Society organized a Poster Competition on the theme of “Climate Change and Environmental Degeneration” on 26th April, 2013. Dr. Sara Bell from University College London, UK judged the competition and Ms. Aisha Masood (Student of BS-8th Semester Environmental Science Department) got the first prize.

International Biodiversity Day

Biodiversity Day was organized by the student of Environmental Science department on May 24th, 2013 at Lahore College for Women University. The theme of Biodiversity Day for the year 2013 was Water and Biodiversity, which has been chosen to coincide with the United Nations designation of this year as the International Year of Water Cooperation. During this event various activities were conducted. Activities including Models exhibition, Photography Exhibition and Display of Pictures of Endangered Species of Pakistan were conducted.

Public Hearing

Student of Environmental Science Department actively participated as public stakeholders in public hearing of extension project of Coca Cole Beverages Limited (23 Km Raiwand Road, Lahore) on 30th May, 2013.

Environment Day

Documentary entitled “Food Waste”, prepared by students of MS in the supervision of Dr.Arifa Tahir (HOD), was presented in seminar conducted by Environment protection department on Environment Day on 5th June, 2013 and was highly appreciated by the Chief Secretory of EPD

Seminar on “Disaster Awareness”

The month of October is important for Pakistan in the context of natural disasters as one of the bad events in history happened on October 8, 2005. In this context, LCWU organized a one-day seminar on “Disaster Awareness” and case of Baluchistan earthquake on October 10, 2013.

Mrs. Laila shahzad, faculty member at GC University, Lahore was the guest speaker at event. She has received the training on disaster prevention from Japan. Mrs. Laila talked about root causes of Pakistan vulnerability towards natural disasters. She informed the audience about the reasons of new island creation in Khuzdar (Baluchistan) and science behind movement of tectonic plates. Finally the Head of department Dr. Arifa Tahir informed students about the disaster management and the pros and cons of these natural disasters. The seminar left the audience with a useful knowledge about how to manage the disasters and to get aware before head in order to minimize the associated destruction.

A Seminar on the Solid Waste Management by WWF

A seminar on the solid waste management was organized by “WWF” on 22/10/2012 from 10 am to 12 pm. This was conducted by Nazifa Butt (senior programme officer in environment assessment in WWF Pakistan) and Eco-Internship co-ordinators; Eilya Nadeem, Sana Illyas, Awn Shahzad and Umal Baneen Zafer. Dr. Arifa Tahir (HOD of environment science, LCWU) and Miss Fakhra Aslam (Lecturer of environmental science department, LCWU) also attended the seminar. The participants gave presentation on valuable points regarding the major sources of solid waste generation in Punjab where Lahore was ranked highest in generating solid waste of 5,000 tons/day.

Several health hazards associated with solid waste including skin burns, rashes etc were also addressed. Currently WWF Pakistan is running different programmes in this respect and they informed the audience about their activities and progress. The speakers informed that there are total 3600 bio gas generating plants that used cow dung and they supply gas to 1, 00,000 houses in different villages across the country. Information on the management strategies involving the use of bio degradable plastics (d2W), proper land filling, recycling and composting techniques was also delivered. Finally a documentary “Earth hour” provided audience a useful information on sustainable waste management. The basic purpose of the seminar was to spread awareness at the individual level about solid waste management and sustainable strategies for energy conservation which is necessary to meet our ongoing demands on long term basis without resource and environment destruction.