Department of Environmental Sciences


The 21st century promises for both an exciting time and a challenging world to live in. Many of the most complex challenges will be environmental forcing people to divert their attention towards this field. Meeting these challenges will require problem solving abilities based in natural, social and management sciences, and other disciplines. Environmental Science is the application of a combination of scientific disciplines to issues and questions regarding environmental and socio-economic problems. Environmental degradation, energy crisis, water scarcity, food security; mitigation and adaptation to climate change impacts are the major areas of concern in today’s world. The economy is moving towards “Green or low Carbon Economy” based on Carbon neutrality and valuation of ecosystem services. Environmental pollution, depletion of resources and disintegration of ecological functions are of global, regional and local concerns. To prevent continued environmental degradation and the decline of human society, interactions between human and the environment have to be in harmony. This is achievable through an integrated, holistic approach encompassing natural, social and management sciences with political support and technological, economic and social interventions. This will require qualified and trained human resource. Environmental Science Department, LCWU was established in 2000 with an objective to produce graduates who will have received a broad and scholarly outlook to problem-solving, whether they work as environmentalists, consultants or academic scientists.

Environmental Science Department takes pride in the fact that since its inception; over six hundred students have graduated obtaining their BS, MSc and MS degrees and providing services to various echelons of society which indicates the success of our program and the trust of the stakeholders in this department. Environmental Science department is actively involved in the restoration of indigenous flora with community participation, creating awareness about the role of ecosystems in human health and local community capacity building regarding conservation of indigenous vegetation. Because of the professionally designed degree program, excellent courses, able faculty and diverse research programs, the department has earned the reputation of Lead University in Environmental Science in Punjab and is now working towards the establishment of center of excellence in Environmental Sciences. Environmental Science Department is considered as an excellent department at national level. It is also very well recognized internationally, rendering competitive, world-class education and high quality research in the ­Department of Environmental Science.

Graduates of Environmental Science Department, LCWU are working with various Eco-Laboratories, Institutes, Organizations, NGO’s and Industries of UK, USA, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan etc. It is a great success of Environmental Science Department that majority of graduates have been successful to get the job right after passing out from the University. Our graduates have opportunity to opt career in the Environmental Laboratories, Universities, Health Department, Agricultural Department, Environmental Law, Industries, Research Organizations, NGO’s Environmental Engineering, GIS/Mapping, and Meteorology Department. Graduates also have opportunities in the sectors including Environmental Management, Research Regulations and Policy Development of Government.