About LCWU

Code of Conduct

The students of Lahore College for Women University are expected to display a very high standard of personal behavior and conduct. The Vice-Chancellor is authorized to take appropriate required action on any untoward behavior. All authority regarding maintenance of proper discipline rests with the Vice-Chancellor, Staff Advisory Council and the Proctorial Board. The decision of the Vice-Chancellor in all disciplinary matters will be final and binding on the students and their parents/guardians. She has the authority to suspend, expel or rusticate a student (day scholar or boarder) in the greater interest of the University discipline. However ,the defaulter will be given the right to clear her position before the Advisory Council/ Proctorial Board.

Proctorial Board

To maintain discipline and order in the University, there is a Proctorial Board comprising of staff members,the Vice-Chancellor and the Registrar. Cases of violation of the following general rules of the University should be reported to the Chief Proctor will immediately take proper action.

I. Students are expected to observe strict order and discipline in the University,the hostel and the play grounds.

2. Students should not move about or talk in the verandahs and corridors,so that there is no disturbance in the class-work

3. Students should not enter the administrative offices or staff room(s) without permission.

4. Students must be punctual in;

         a) Attending lectures.

         b) Paying the University and hostel dues.

         c) Returning library books.

5. Students are not allowed to see their visitors or bring them in the University during academic hours.

6. Students are not allowed to leave the University premises during academic hours.

7. Students are not allowed to walk or make noise near the Vice Chancellor's office.

8. Students are not allowed to celebrate birthday parties during academic hours.

9. Students should read the notice board daily.

10. Students should come in the proper dress code to the University.

11. Students are not expected to wear ostentatious jewellery (real artificial).

12. Students are not allowed to intentionally damage the University property.

13. Students are supposed to attend the co-curricular activities. They are not allowed to use video cameras during these functions.

14. Students are not allowed to bring cameras, tape recorders etc. during academic hours. Defaulters will be punished per university policy.

15. Any student who violates the University rules, involves herself in negative activities like strikes or instigates other students for the purpose or blows crackers will render herself liable to disciplinary action.

16. Every staff member has full right to check students for not observing the above mentioned rules and any report by the staff members will bring punishment to the defaulters.

17. On the University premises the Vice Chancellor's authority is absolute. She has the power to impose fine or some other appropriate punishment for a breach of University discipline, rudeness to staff, irregularity and disorderly behavior. A serious violation of these rules will render the student liable to be rusticated from the University on the recommendation of the Staff Council. 

These rules are meant to cultivate refined behavior in the students and to bring about a proper disciplined atmosphere in the University